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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Who Does Brett Favre Think He Is?

There was a time when the name Brett Favre bore all the power of the National Football League. The mere mention of the two syllables could send chills down a defensive back’s neck, and strike fear into the heart of an opposing head coach. There was a day when Brett Favre dominated on Sundays, and hoisted the Lombardi Trophy with pride and dignity. There was a day when Brett Favre should have gracefully ridden off into the sunset, leaving legacy and limb intact. Unfortunately, that day has long since passed.

Now, the man who was once a legendary NFL quarterback, is doing all that he can to ruin a decade of sheer brilliance in the league. Holding out until after the summer last year before letting the franchise know he was coming back. Influencing their draft strategy — impeding the emergence of Aaron Rodgers. And on Saturday, criticizing the organization which nurtured him from the roll of backup to superstar. And then topping it all off, reports have surfaced courtesy of Foxsports.com, that Favre had asked to be traded after the draft. How’s that for a dickslap to the face of the Green Bay Packers organization, assuming it’s true?

Knowing that Favre heavily criticized the organization on Saturday for not pulling the trigger on Moss makes me believe that Jay Glazer’s report is quite possible. If Glazer’s report is true, then I’ll say this much — someone needs to put Brett Favre in his place. I mean seriously, who does Brett Favre think he is? He’s no longer an impact quarterback. He’s not preferable to most quarterbacks in the league. Why would I give him a year to run my team instead of say, David Carr, who has the potential to play five? What does Brett Favre have to offer at this point in his life? Nothing. So he needs to sit down, shut up, and go back to his place as the over-the-hill, needing-to-retire quarterback of the Green Bay Packers who is seriously jeopardizing his once unblemished legacy.

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