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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Who’s Dumber, Petrino or Vick?

A hush swept across the M.I.T. campus on Friday as it was announced that the wunderkind Falcons quarterback Mike Mexico would be allowed to call audibles in Bobby Petrino’s offense.  The students uniformly acknowledged that it would take the absorption of their combined brain power to help Mexico manage said offense.  What’s a matter Petrino, you don’t think 14 points scored against the Lions and 13 against the Browns is bad enough?  What, do you prefer 3 points, or worse yet, none?  You want Mike Mexico to have a more active role in the offense?  What, are you drinking out of Vick’s water bottle or something? 

Which brings me back to the aforementioned question of the day, who’s dumber, Petrino for allowing this, or Mexico, for well, being Mexico?  And if you’re not sure why I’m doggin Mike Mexico so badly, just watch the video below to get a sense.

Boy, I have to say, it’s stories like these that get my blood a-flowin.  Caution Mike, don’t think too hard, you might hurt yourself.

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