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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Golfer suing club for lowering his handicap

Most golfers spend their entire lives trying to lower their handicap. One man in Ireland has gone the other way and is suing his former club for lowering his handicap.

Yup, Mr. Thomas Talbot is suing the Hermitage Golf Club in Lucan, Co Dublin for 10 million pounds alleging that the club lowered his handicap by 7.7 shots during a five-year span between 1999-2004.

Why would that be a problem, you ask? Because Talbot believes it made him look like a cheat.

“I’d turn up for a competition and there would be nobody to play with,” Thomas told the Irish Independent. “I have learned the hard way that friends are a funny species — they’re never there when you want them.”

Talbot is suing on grounds of defamation. Maybe if the old man weren’t sandbagging all along, he wouldn’t have encountered this problem.

Golf clap to Eye on Golf, H/T David Coleman

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