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Monday, April 23, 2018

John Daly parked his RV at the Augusta Hooters. Of course. (Photo)

John Daly won’t be playing in the Masters this year (he hasn’t since 2006), but that didn’t stop him from deciding to hang out in Augusta this week, because what does he have better to do these days? And in the most John Daly move ever, he parked his RV outside of a Hooters.

Turns out Daly served as the head rules official of the Hooters Wing-Eating World Championship on Wednesday. The star-studded event was headlined by Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas. Daly’s main responsibility was “certifying the wings to be used” in the contest. Don’t worry; I have no clue what that means, either. Whatever it was, it required a “wing certification ceremony.”

This is what happens when you haven’t been a member of the PGA Tour since 2007, are currently ranked 285th in the world and run out of balls at tournaments. But hey, hanging out at Hooters is never a bad thing.

H/T Busted Coverage
Photo via @Jickerz

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