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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Gio Gonzalez says he is not dating Angela Rypien: ‘Absolutely not true’

Here at LBS, we tend to be curious by nature. When it came to our attention that Angela Rypien had been bragging about attending her first ever Nationals game, and later watching another on TV with her eye on someone specific, we had to find out if it was a coincidence that Gio Gonzalez happened to be the starting pitcher in both of those games. The Baltimore Charm quarterback and daughter of former Redskins quarterback Mark Rypien seemed to confirm to us that was the case.

On Wednesday, Gonzalez gave Sarah Kogod of D.C. Sports Bog a firm denial.

“She’s spreading some terrible rumors!” Gonzalez joked. “No, it’s not true. Absolutely not true. It’s amazing how quickly that happens. You give someone tickets to come see a game, you and your friends. People you invite, doesn’t mean you’re dating them. You can’t jump the gun automatically.”

The thing is we didn’t jump the gun. Maybe Angela did. There aren’t many ways to interpret the “good observation” response that she gave us. Either the two of them are dating or she was perfectly content with everyone thinking that, but she had to have known her response would come off that way. Kogod also asked Gonzalez if there’s a chance they could date in the future. He said there isn’t, but added that he “could do worse” in reference to her good looks.

Our guess is Gio and Angela have hung out a couple times and he isn’t ready to classify it as “dating.” If nothing at all is going on between them, Angela’s response when we asked her makes absolutely no sense. Gonzalez probably just doesn’t want people knowing his business, which is perfectly understandable. Sounds like somebody needs to have a chat with their girlfriend. No, just kidding. Or are we?


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