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Monday, June 25, 2018

High school baseball players suspended for hazing that reportedly involved biting

Fake-teethHazing in high school sports is something that should never be tolerated. For the most part, we hear a lot of the same stories when it comes to older students mistreating younger players. However, every now and then the bullying involves something incredibly bizarre like biting.

That’s right, biting. According to The Times in Trenton, four Florence High School baseball players have been suspended for their alleged involvement in a hazing ritual that involved biting a younger player. The team’s head coach, Joseph Frappolli Jr., is also under investigation by the school’s administration.

Two sources familiar with the incident say it took place two weeks ago, when at least one sub-varsity player was restrained by other members of the team and bitten several times. Some of the bites were reportedly severe enough to break the younger player’s skin. One of the sources said the biting is a ritual that has been going on with the school’s baseball team for “years.”

Very few details about the situation have been disclosed at this time due to school policy, but it was allegedly reported by a friend of the abused player — not a parent.

“It was team misconduct,” Florence Township Superintendent of Schools Donna Ambrosius said. “We will not tolerate this kind of activity. The players have not been with the team since they were pulled when the incident was reported. We would like to try and get the team back together and move forward, but only if we know the students are safe.”

The district is still in the process of interviewing players, coaches and students who may know anything about the hazing ritual. We have heard of high school hazing rituals that involve sexual violence and disgusting games, but biting has to be up there with one of the most bizarre.

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