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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Brad Marchand Punches Daniel Sedin Six Times in the Face (Video)

I understand that some guys in the NHL don’t like to fight.  That’s fine, and it just isn’t the way some people like to play, particularly flashy scorers like the Sedin twins.  But aren’t there times when even non-fighters have to stick up for themselves?  When Brad Marchand had Daniel Sedin by the sweater during a Bruins Game 6 win on Monday night and was repeatedly punching him in the face, that would have been a good time to show some heart.  Check out the video of Brad Marchand punching Daniel Sedin, courtesy of SB Nation via SI Hot Clicks:

Part of me wants to feel bad for Sedin, but I can’t — not in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup.  Your team is already getting its ass kicked for the third time in three tries away from the comfort of Vancouver.  Sure, the Canucks outhit the Bruins during Game 5, but that obviously hasn’t translated into grit and toughness.  It’s tough to criticize what they have done to this point, but Vancouver needs to stop hoping the refs blow the whistle and call a penalty and start showing some balls.

If you remember, zero penalties were called when the Bruins and Lightning met for Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Don’t be surprised if the refs call Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals in a similar fashion and let the teams battle it out.  Boston has dominated the Canucks at home and played them close in each of their three losses north of the border.  If they can take their toughness on the road and get a puck or two to bounce their way in Game 7, the Bruins have a great chance to bring the Cup back to Boston for the first time in almost 40 years.

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