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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Patrick Kane addresses drunken Cinco de Mayo photos: I don’t have a drinking problem

Back in May, after the Blackhawks’ season ended with a first-round exit in the playoffs, some rather, um, interesting photos of notorious partier Patrick Kane‘s drunken, wild, sloppy Cinco de Mayo in Madison, Wis., surfaced.

Among the things captured in said photos are Kaner binge drinking, talking to a police officer and passing out at a bar. You know, typical Cinco de Mayo happenings for any 23 year old but nonetheless behavior still alarming enough to the Blackhawks that they reportedly suggested Kane seek counseling.

On Friday, Kane finally spoke publicly about the photos. He appeared to express regret that they leaked out but not for his actions.

“Look, it was embarrassing,” Kane said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “That’s the first thing I can say. From all the pictures that came out, everything, from the disappointment from the Hawks organization, to my family, to myself personally, it’s embarrassing. I try to pride myself on being involved with the fans and taking pictures when they’re asked for because I know I was that little kid one day that really looked up to stars like myself and I try to give them that on my behalf.”

Kane also added the usual mumbo jumbo about how this is all part of his “maturation process” and yadda yadda yadda. But then he was asked point blank if he thinks he has a drinking problem.

“I don’t think so,” Kane said. “It’s something I put behind me and something I don’t want to put myself in that position again but, no, I don’t think I do.”

“We all saw the photos, they’re pretty embarrassing,” Kane went on. “Nothing illegal happened. It was the offseason and you’re trying to have a good time but you have to realize the spotlight you’re in no matter where you are.”

Yup, if there’s anybody who knows anything about having a good time in the offseason while failing to realize the spotlight is on him, it’s Kaner.

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