Video: Stan Verrett Drops N-Bomb During Stanford Highlight?

ESPN SportsCenter anchor Stan Verrett, who we think forms the best team along with Neil Everett on the network, got so excited reading a highlight Tuesday night he seemed to drop an n-bomb. Verrett was reading a Top 10 highlight that showed Stanford guard Gabriel Harris hitting a long-range buzzer-beating three-pointer. Here is a video of Stan Verrett seemingly dropping the n-word:

So did Verrett drop an n-bomb there? It sounded like he was just really comfortable and casual on the call and it came out. Other people, including Jerod Morris in the comments, are saying he said “Time, distance … neither one a problem.” That could be what he meant, but it sure sounded like he said the n-word to us. What do you think?

Here is audio of Stan Verrett so you can hear it more clearly:

Stan Verrett tweeted to address the video and says “Time, distance, NEITHER one was a problem. Listen carefully next time.”

UPDATE: We have apologized for the confusion created by this post.

Fist pound to World Star Hip Hop via Roj Grobes

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  • http://how-to-blog.tv/ Jerod Morris

    Sounds to me like he said “Time…Distance…Neither one a problem.”

  • http://twitter.com/Rorschach90 Rorschach90

    To me it’s pretty clear there’s a hard “g”  in there.

  • Anonymous

    It’s clearer on just the audio, and he said neither one is a problem. What makes sense in the context of what he said. Time, distance, neither one a problem. He probably tried to say it really fast that he stumbled over his diction a little. Stan is too good and professional to say the other word.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Q4IW73POTBJ6F4IMSD4U6JD754 Christopher

    Neither please!