The Emmitt Smith Has Finally Been Fired by ESPN Tribute Video

I don’t have quite the scorn that Pro Football Talk and Awful Announcing have for Emmitt Smith, whose title of “NFL Analyst” with ESPN was always used quite lightly. I’m guessing I missed out on this whole Emmitt Smith thing because I didn’t watch as much NFL countdown as Mike Florio at PFT did, and probably because pointing out awful announcing isn’t my niche like it is for AA. Still, after reading the farewell post from AA to Emmitt, I felt compelled to share the video. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Emmitt Smith at his finest with ESPN. Get your dictionaries handy for this one.

I guess Emmitt is so bad that Awful Announcing had an entire Top 10 list of his best (worst?) screwups, so I highly advise you check those out. Now this is like a catch-22 for the Awful Announcing website. They finally get their wish that a horrible broadcaster is out, but now they lose a lot of good material. Thankfully there are plenty of others out there to pick on.

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  • SpinMax

    I dun even need to watch the video, I know how bad he is…and he’s my guy! But who should go before
    him is Steve Young. Young has no opinions, when he speaks I want to close my eyes and fall asleep.
    BORING. The only time he was good is when Michael Irvin was next to him, touching his arm,
    making Young look all out of sorts. Now that was funny. Irvin did it right. He didn’t go straight to the
    big show, he started off small, did radio, did it right. And I miss the controversial
    Barkley-like statements! BRING BACK MIKE!!!!

  • Gene

    It is a shame that a talented young man like Emmitt Smith wasted the opportunities afforded him to actually get a college education at the University of Florida.

    We as a nation continue to “dumb down” by not stressing the need to speak and write proper English.

  • http://www.theplothole.com Bobby

    Emmmmmiiiiitt. My brother, my brother, my brother. I’m not gonna say I’m happy you got fired but as an analyst, you made a hell of a running back.