Dan Henderson knocks out Shogun Rua with monster punch (GIF)

The Dan Henderson H-Bomb struck again!

Hendo defeated Shogun Rua in the third round of their fight at “UFC Fight Night 3″ on Sunday with a massive right hand to the dome in a rematch of their fight at UFC 139.

Hendo was going for a takedown but was stifled by Rua, but Rua let his hands down after the two were separated, and that’s when Hendo threw and landed his huge punch. Hendo jumped on Rua and started beating him with several shots, and referee Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight.

Commentator Jon Anik seemingly teased the knockout by noting moments before it happened that Henderson holds a “stick of dynamite” in his right hand.

Dan Henderson Shogun Rua

He sure was right about that.

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  • Patrick O

    That was a great fight. Unfortunately I think Hendo should be disqualified.
    He nailed Shogun with two great shots. He rocked him bad and had him down. What he did next was completely illegal. He gave him 4 to 5 shots directly to the back of the head. There is no reason to blame Herb Dean, but he missed every one of them due to positioning. That fight needs to be reviewed. I can’t see how Hendo wouldn’t be disqualified for illegal blows to the back of the head. Thoughts anyone???

  • smedrano0206

    Stopped too early….Shogun was hurt way worse in their first fight and took more shots

  • smedrano0206

    Yeah those were clearly illegal and hard punches. He should’ve been given time at least to recover from those illegal shots just like he would’ve if he’d been kicked in the groin or poked in the eye