Picture: GSP’s Eye After Jake Shields Poke

Georges St. Pierre beat Jake Shields in their UFC 129 fight Saturday by unanimous decision. Many critics (and GSP himself) were disappointed he didn’t finish Shields with a knockout or submission, but part of the problem was GSP got poked/punched in the eye and couldn’t see out of it for most of the fight. Doctors initially feared a detached retina when they examined him because they could not see into the eye. At that point you were probably wondering what the freaking eye looked like, and luckily UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste came through with a picture:

That looks pretty darn bad and it’s no surprise GSP was handed a 60-day medical suspension. I know a lot of folks were disappointed by GSP’s performance, but keep in mind he wasn’t hurt throughout the fight and pretty much dominated things despite not having full vision. As for the folks pushing a Nick Diaz fight, get off of it. There’s only one fight fans should want to see, and it’s GSP vs. Anderson Silva. I know GSP’s team has major concerns about the weight difference, but that’s the one that needs to happen.

Thanks to 5th Round for sharing the link, and how does GSP’s eye compare to Mark Hominick’s injuries?

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  • Thepasc

    OMFG!!!Its even worst than I thought.

    How GSP was able to finish and win every single rounds(50-45,IMO) with that kind of eye

    So,you trolls out there…is it enough for you

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lindon-Smith/100000804313147 Lindon Smith

    How was this fight not stopped! He only had vision in one eye for the majority of the fight & I have seen many fights stopped over the years for the same reason!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=558051499 Vickie Dalli-McAdam

    Georges and Jake put on a great show I’m just very happy that Georges injury looks worse than it is Can’t wait to see you back in the octogon again GSP all the Canadian fighters did a great job on Saturday nite very proud of you all win or lose :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=558051499 Vickie Dalli-McAdam

    Have a great vacation Georges you deserve it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=558051499 Vickie Dalli-McAdam

    you know what really gets me is that all these ppl who come down on Georges all the time for not finishing fights clearly haven’t no clue we are just watching on TV or @ a live event he is in the octogon fighting way diffrent so who you they to judge and also alot of these so called fans only know GSP from UFC they should go back and watch TKO if you know what that i if you are a true MMA fan you stick by your fighters 100% you guys need to watch the Striking truth and see how great GSP really is

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=558051499 Vickie Dalli-McAdam

    just one more thing then i will shut up lol i went to the UFC fan expo on friday and was was thrown back when a group of so called UFC fans came up to my hubby and i and ask who is that guy you just got a pick with it was Royce Gracie and they said who’s that now i very happy that ppl are starting to embrace this great sport but please get know the whole history of this great sport :)

  • Anonymous

    Only one judge gave him 50-45 and he was lucky to get that. Not denying that GSP has skills. I would just like to see him use them to finish a fight. Do you realize that it was April 19, 2008 the last time his fight didn’t go to the judges (minus B.J. Penn who’s corner stopped the fight between 4th and 5th round). He might be good but he’s scared to put it all on the line and take the chances that have to be taken to win with a K.O. or a stunning submission.

    Screw Diaz vs GSP! GSP vs Silva!!! Lets see it happen!!

  • Anonymous

    To your first post I would like to say that most of us that are down on GSP are true fans. True fans of the SPORT, just not GSP. April 19th,2008 was the last time GSP ended the fight. He shouldn’t be so scared to showcase all that skill he’s packin. As for not having a clue what GSP is doing in the cage, it’s easy. He’s playing it smart and not taking any chances. I fight in MMA events (just amateur) all over the south and know for a fact that you will never have a really exciting fight or finish that way. And to your second post. How do you think people are going to learn the whole history except by asking questions. Instead of being down on folks that don’t know the sport but ask questions, I take the time to explain whats goin on and hopefully excite them enough to watch another fight.

  • Thepasc

    Sorry @fattony223:disqus ,I pushed the “LIKE” button instead of the “REPLY” one first!!!loll

    Do you realize that since April 19,2008(seem like a date to be remember for you!),GSP destroyed every fighters(top contender in the UFC WW stack div) he faced(and “destroyed” is almost an
    euphemism here!)And you can say what you want abt the BJ’s fight,it would have been a TKO anyway.I know that only one judge scored the bout 50-45,but since when MMA judges are credible?Only when it fit your opinion,han?The most important thing abt this fight is that GSP fought almost blind for more than 3 rds!I dont know your background(in MMA,or martial arts),but try to go through a training session with only one eye!Try it!If you are not a “gym” kind of guy,try to skateboard,play baseball,etc…And then,think abt what it would be like to fight the #2 WW on the planet like this!!!And yet,he dominated Shields like nobody as ever done.He did,with one eye,what everyone else werent able to do with 2 eyes;not even Hendo,an ex 205 champ….Even tho I love to watch GSP’s fights,I’d prefer to see him KO or sub most of his opponents,its common sens.I also hate decision(even tho they were all 50-45),especially the Hardy’s one.But witnessing the the best mixe martial arts artist on the planet(or one of the top…)fight will always be a pleasure for me;win or lose.And especially vs Shield,he was fighting not only Jake,but he was also facing himself!He was scare and
    diminished.He fought against all adversity,and,IMO,thats what being a mixed martial artist really mean.

    And dont worry f223,people are tire of decision…so is he!