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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Shane Carwin, Kurt Angle Named in Steroids Bust

The picture on Shane Carwin’s Web site shows him in a muscular pose, biceps flexed and bulging. Fans may have had a sneaking suspicion about how he got so big (not to mention Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem, and many other fighters), but it was probably buried in the back of most people’s heads. Until now.

As LBS contributor Alan Hull points out, MMA fighter Shane Carwin and wrestler Kurt Angle along with five others were named as people having ties to a convicted steroids dealer.

According to court records, Applied Pharmacy Services shipped 762,388 dosages to 17 doctors and clinics from April 4, 2004, until Aug. 30, 2006. The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Mobile contends that does not include many other doctors and clinics that they say participated in the conspiracy.

Those performance-enhancing drugs ended up in the hands of users ranging from professional athletes to teenagers looking to build body mass. Prosecutors cited 22 professional athletes who obtained steroids from Applied Pharmacy Services during the time Bennett worked there.

Carwin and Angle were two of the seven athletes named while 15 others were only identified by their initials. Five people were sentenced on Friday in Mobile for their association with distributing roids at Applied Pharmacy Services. It’s good to see some drug dealers like this getting pinched and put into jail and hopefully more of it is to come. As far as Carwin goes, the obvious question is when was he using the steroids? If it was recently, then it only strengthens the argument that the UFC needs to employ harsher drug testing. It may be an afterthought but there shouldn’t be a place for roids in MMA or any other professional sport.

Steroids case pharmacist gets 4 years in prison in Mobile case with ties to pro sports, wrestling [Mobile Press-Register]

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