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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Olympic wrestler Ellis ‘Flying Squirrel’ Coleman owns a pet flying squirrel

US Olympic wrestler Ellis Coleman earned the nickname “Flying Squirrel” because of a takedown in which he jumped over his opponent’s head and onto his back. The video (which you can see here) became an instant sensation on YouTube and the 20-year-old has embraced the nickname. In fact, he likes it so much that he decided to buy his own pet flying squirrel.

“It’s my nickname (Flying Squirrel), and I kind of go with it wherever I go,” Coleman Wednesday at a news conference according to Game On. “And I actually bought a pet flying squirrel.”

Coleman said the squirrel’s name is Rocky and he cost about $500. He keeps it in Colorado Springs where he trains.

“Some company came into the mall we were at in Colorado Springs, and they were selling them,” Coleman explained. “And I had to buy one. I keep him in a cage. He just hops around all the time.”

We’ve had some bizarre athlete stories leading up to the Games, but Coleman’s is close to the top. Buying a flying squirrel could signify the moment where a nickname is officially taken too seriously. Don’t they need to be able to sail from tree to tree in order to get a proper amount of exercise. You’re right, I know nothing about flying squirrels. Do they even fly?

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