NFL Selling Photos of James Harrison’s Illegal Hit on Mohamed Massaquoi

We told you earlier about how the NFL has begun taking the right steps to minimize head shots by handing out hefty fines for brutal hits that occurred over the weekend.  We might be taking that back.  The fines are still a good idea, but is it morally correct for the NFL to be profiting from memorabilia that has to do with those same illegal hits?

Pro Football Talk has brought to our attention that the photo above is available in the NFL.com photo store for a price of anywhere from $15.95 to $249.95, depending on the size you’d like to purchase.  Huh?  So the hits are dangerous, illegal, and unacceptable, but it’s okay to sell them as wall ornaments?  Something’s not right here.

If the NFL is trying to send a message, they need to send it through all mediums.  Selling a photo of the an illegal hit is simply glorifying the play and implying that it’s an exciting part of the game.  If that’s the way the league’s going to treat the situation, they shouldn’t expect anyone to take them seriously.

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Who are we kidding? People getting outraged over dangerous hits yet they want to see hard hits on the replays and highlight shows. Complete paradox

  • http://www.thebrianspeer.com Brian Speer

    This is another sign of how can we not practice what we preach? We don’t want to see this happen but wow since it did we know people will buy it. If want the dangerous hits to stop, then it has stop glorifying it.