Colt McCoy happy to be part of organization focused on winning

Colt McCoy

Colt McCoy was not happy in Cleveland. That was evident. But the former third-round pick has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers, a team that went to the Super Bowl last season, and he is happy about going to a winning organization.

McCoy discussed some of the differences between the Browns and 49ers during an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“That’s going to be really special,” McCoy told the Star-Telegram “When I walked in the building in San Francisco, it was the same feel [as at UT]. It’s a great organization, and their only focus is: We want to win, and we want to win now. That’s obviously different than some of the things that I’ve been part of the last few years. I was really happy about that.”

You can tell from those comments how things were for McCoy in Cleveland. He seemed pretty excited at first about coming in there and running their West Coast offense, but the team was always pretty weak. He also was probably pretty excited about Cleveland initially because they showed faith in him by drafting him when many others passed on him. But he simply was not very good there. Now he’s going to be a backup in San Francisco, and he’s a pretty capable one. They run a good system in San Francisco, have excellent coaches, so there really is no reason for McCoy not to be thrilled about his new home.

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Colt McCoy’s brother rips Browns after falling for fake trade report

Case McCoy, the brother of Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy, ripped his brother’s team via Twitter on Friday in response to a fake trade rumor.

Case, who is a quarterback at the University of Texas, apparently had been duped by a fake ESPN Twitter account that said his brother had been traded to the Eagles. He sent the following tweet, which has since been deleted:

Brandon was a reference to quarterback Brandon Weeden, who was drafted by the team in the first round this year. Weeden is expected to replace McCoy as Cleveland’s starter.

It didn’t take long for Case McCoy to realize he made a mistake.

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Brad McCoy’s comments reportedly contributed to Colt’s downfall in Cleveland

By selecting former Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden in the first round of last week’s draft, the Browns appear ready to move on from whatever you want to call Colt McCoy‘s time as the Browns’ QB1 (experiment, era or maybe, simply, “ehh”). And it appears McCoy’s father, Brad McCoy, may have played a part in his son’s demise.

After Colt suffered a concussion last December against the Steelers, his father condemned the team for allowing Colt to resume playing despite showing apparent symptoms of being concussed. According to ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi, papa bear’s comments rubbed the team the wrong way and hurt his son’s future in Cleveland.

I’ve been told that McCoy’s fate as a former starter was sealed when his father sounded off about the club’s handling of his concussion in the Pittsburgh game on Dec. 8.

I was told at the time that Brad McCoy’s comments meant the end of McCoy in Cleveland, but I didn’t believe it then.

The comments did not drive the pursuit of a new quarterback, but I believe they contributed to McCoy’s demise.

Looking at McCoy’s numbers last season, there isn’t a whole lot that would scream the team needed to make a change, especially considering it was his first full year as a starter. That likely leaves his pops’ remarks as his most glaring blemish. Leave it to an ornery Mike Holmgren to address a beef with a parent by taking it out on the son.

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James Harrison Thinks Browns Should Be Punished for Letting Colt McCoy Play with a Concussion

James Harrison returned to practice on Wednesday for the Steelers. With the way Pittsburgh played on the road in San Francisco Monday night, they need all the help they can get. Harrison spoke to reporters after practice and had a number of quick responses, most of which indicate he now has an “oh well” attitude when the league reprimands him. He did, however, say he thinks the Browns deserve to be punished for letting McCoy go back in after the big hit.

“My helmet hit his helmet, it is what it is,” Harrison said. “If he was hurt so bad I don’t know why they let him back in two plays later. Something should be done to them, I would think. I got a game, what should they get?

While Harrison has a point, you can’t compare his crime to their crime.  He wasn’t suspended because he injured McCoy, but because the hit was illegal.  The league didn’t have to see that McCoy suffered a concussion to suspend Harrison for yet another helmet-to-helmet hit.

That being said, Harrison isn’t the only one who believes the Browns should be punished in some way.  McCoy’s father was furious the Cleveland coaches and trainers let his son back in the game and their decision completely undermines the league’s hazy policy on concussions.  Harrison is wrong in thinking that the league should have given him a break, but he is right that the Browns should face some sort of penalty for putting McCoy’s health at risk.

Colt McCoy’s Father Furious Browns Let Him Play with a Concussion

When Colt McCoy took this brutal hit from James Harrison on Thursday night, he reportedly suffered a concussion.  It is unclear at this point if the Browns knew he was concussed when they checked him out or simply didn’t pick up on it, but McCoy missed only a play before returning.  As you might imagine, that is a big no-no in today’s NFL with how cautious the league has tried to become in dealing with concussions.  Colt’s father, Brad McCoy, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Friday that Colt didn’t even know what had happened when he woke up on Friday other than the Browns lost the game.  Now, Brad is furious with the Browns.

“He never should’ve gone back in the game,” McCoy’s father said. “He was basically out (cold) after the hit. You could tell by the ridigity of his body as he was laying there. There were a lot of easy symptoms that should’ve told them he had a concussion. He was nauseated and he didn’t know who he was. From what I could see, they didn’t test him for a concussion on the sidelines. They looked at his (left) hand.

“After the game, the (public relations staff) made sure Colt’s interview was brief and he couldn’t face the lights in his press conference. The TV lights and the Stadium lights were killing him. Why would you say he was fine? That makes it even worse.

“If he took another blow to the head, we could’ve been talking about his career here. And I certainly didn’t think he’d be out only a play. It would’ve taken my high school trainer longer than that to determine if he was okay after a hit like that.”

I can’t imagine this is good for the Browns — at all.  Whether they detected the concussion or not, chances like that can’t be taken no matter what the circumstances.  You can certainly imagine where Brad McCoy is coing from as a father.  If everything we’re hearing about Colt is accurate then Brad is right and he had no business returning to the game.

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Was Colt McCoy a Ball Carrier On James Harrison’s Illegal Hit? (Animated)

Before you get all flustered and accuse me of saying James Harrison is a clean player, just hear me out.  No, I would never support a player who does stuff like this and this on a regular basis and has a reputation for playing like an absolute maniac.  However, the penalty — and potential fine or suspension — that was called on Harrison during Thursday night’s game between the Steelers and Browns brings up an interesting point.  At what point does the quarterback become a ball carrier?  You can see a video of the play at NFL.com here, but here is an animation of the actual shot that drew a flag, courtesy of @bubbaprog:

Colt McCoy got off a pass at the last second, but Harrison was already charging after him once he tucked the ball in and started running with it.  Does the fact that McCoy decided to change his mind and throw it at the last second mean he at no point became a ball carrier?  As we know, a running back or a receiver who has already established himself can be hit using helmet-to-helmet contact.  Harrison will likely draw a six-figure fine and possibly a suspension because of his reputation, but this particular play qualifies as a gray area in my opinion.

Colt McCoy’s Wife Rachel Says Jock Sniffing Adults Are the Problem

With so much talk about players breaking NCAA rules, programs being in trouble, and schools losing national championships, everyone’s trying to figure out the problem. Is it the NCAA which is running a billion dollar business in which their laborers aren’t making any money while coaches and school presidents are rich? Is it the athletes who break rules put in place by the NCAA? Is it coaches who protect the players and the program? Those are all fair questions, and the answer is the blame can be shared pretty equally by all parties. But how about one other subsection that is hardly mentioned yet was brought up by Colt McCoy’s wife. Rachel McCoy, who dated Colt during his time at Texas (here are the pics to prove it), says it’s the adult men who offer the players gifts and other luxuries that are the problem.

Rachel called into a radio show to explain her stance. She says that grown men want to give players gifts so they can brag to their friends that they’re close to athletes.

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