Jameis Winston alludes to sexual assault case in Heisman speech (Video)

Jameis Winston Heisman TrophyJameis Winston’s Heisman Trophy acceptance speech was something people were going to keep an eye on because of what he has been involved in off the field. Would he address the sexual assault investigation that made him part of headlines over the past month now that he had his biggest stage? It turns out that he made an allusion to it.

After being announced as the winner of the 79th Heisman Trophy, the redshirt freshman quarterback came up on stage to give his acceptance speech. He spoke for about three minutes and kept repeating the same theme about “trusting the process.”

He talked about trusting the process in the context of playing youth football, high school football, his father pushing him hard, his decision to attend Florida State, his father losing his job, and the legal process for his investigation.

“I trusted in the process that evaluated fact and its truth is to deliver positive outcomes. Because of all the things I done been through the past month …” Winston said.

Winston’s speech seemed intended mostly for his inner circle and didn’t exactly have a mass appeal, but he earned the right to deliver whatever kind of speech he wanted. And even though many voters overlooked the sexual assault case by making him the runaway winner of the trophy, 115 people left him off their ballots completely.

Jameis Winston wins Heisman Trophy

Jameis WinstonFlorida State quarterback Jameis Winston won the 79th Heisman Trophy award in a landslide.

Winston led his Seminoles to a 13-0 regular season record and was an easy choice for the award. He completed 67.9 percent of his passes for 3,820 yards, 38 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. He also ran for 193 yards and four touchdowns while leading the ‘Noles to the perfect regular season.

Winston follows Charlie Ward (1993) and Chris Weinke (2000) by becoming the third Florida State quarterback to win the prized trophy. He is also the second redshirt freshman to win the award. Johnny Manziel, who won the trophy last year, became the first. Manziel was one of the finalists for the award this season and finished fifth in voting.

Winston won the award with 2,205 points. Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron was second with 704 points; Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch finished third with 558 points; Boston College running back Andre Williams was fourth with 470 points; Manziel was fifth with 421 points; and Auburn running back was sixth with 404 points.

Winston’s margin of victory was the fifth-largest in the last 50 years. What’s notable is he was left off 115 ballots entirely, likely because of the sexual assault investigation he faced. Though only the witnesses know if he was innocent, he was not charged by the state, which helped make voters feel more comfortable ranking him first on their ballots.

Jameis Winston accuser’s lawyer says Chris Casher destroyed evidence

Jameis WinstonThe Florida state attorney’s office did not find enough evidence to file charges against Jameis Winston after he was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman, but that does not mean the Florida State quarterback is totally out of the woods. The case could, in theory, be reopened at some point if new information is obtained.

On Friday morning, the attorney for Winston’s accuser, Patricia Carroll, said that the Tallahassee Police Department conducted “an investigation of a rape victim, not an investigation of a rape suspect.” Carroll added that the investigation was a failure that resulted from Winston being on the FSU football team. She also called for an independent investigation of the case.

In addition, TMZ reported on Friday that Carroll is claiming Winston’s teammate Chris Casher destroyed evidence related to the investigation. Casher, an FSU defensive end, told police that Winston engaged in consensual sex with the accuser. He stated in an incident report that he and another FSU player watched through a doorway as Winston and the woman engaged in sexual activity. Casher also admitted that he tried to videotape the two using his cell phone but the accuser spotted him and told him to leave.

Therein lies the problem, according to Carroll. The report states that Casher “tried” to videotape Winston and the woman, which could mean he didn’t actually get any footage. However, Carroll claims Casher broke the law by secretly videotaping her client and later destroyed evidence by deleting it. Carroll reportedly said investigators ignored Casher’s illegal activity, which contributed to their mishandling of the case.

The main issue for investigators was the presence of inconsistencies in the accuser’s testimony. Those inconsistencies will likely present problems no matter what angle Carroll tries to pursue.

Jameis Winston walks away from Heather Cox interview after fourth investigation question (video)

Jameis Winston Heather CoxJameis Winston had another fantastic game on Saturday as he led his undefeated Seminoles to yet another win and a spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

Winston went 19-of-32 for 330 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions, and he rushed for 59 yards and a touchdown in the 45-7 win over Duke. Winston has been able to stay focused and play well even while being investigated for an alleged sexual assault. After the game, ABC/ESPN reporter Heather Cox asked him how he’s been handling the investigation. Winston answered three consecutive questions related to the investigation but, after the fourth, he walked away.

I don’t have a problem with what either of them did. Winston answered the questions, and Cox asked the pertinent ones. I don’t care about the setting; those questions were a huge part of what’s going on with Winston and were absolutely relevant. The only thing was Cox maybe didn’t need to go for a fourth question after realizing Winston wasn’t giving her the answer she sought.

H/T Bryan A. Graham

Chris Casher affidavit: Jameis Winston accuser was ‘more than willing participant’

The signed affidavits from witnesses Chris Casher and Ronald Darby heavily support the notion that Jameis Winston did not sexually assault his accuser.

Casher, a defensive end on the Florida State football team, and Darby, a defensive back, both provided signed affidavits declaring their side of what they saw the night the woman says she was raped.

Both men said the accuser was not intoxicated. Both said the accuser appeared to be a willing participant. They both said that due to Winston’s door to his bedroom being broken, they could look inside the room and see what was going on.

Chris CasherIn his affidavit, Casher (pictured right) depicts the accuser as a jersey chaser who was interested in football players, followed them out of the club, virtually invited herself over to their place, and had sex with Jameis. He even says after they were done having sex, they were talking in a friendly manner.

You can read his affidavit below:

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Jameis Winston accuser told police she had five cups of vodka, shot at bar

Jameis WinstonThe woman who accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault had a difficult time recalling the events of the night she says she was raped.

In her initial statement to police, the woman could not recall how she met the suspect. She did not remember if the person wore a condom. She said she did not remember dressing herself.

Why did the woman have difficulty remembering so much? She was seemingly drunk.

A Tallahassee Police Department report states that the alleged victim told police she had about five cups of vodka and a shot at the bar — Potbelly’s.

When Florida State Attorney Willie Meggs announced that Winston would not be charged with sexual assault, he said he didn’t know if they would reach the burden of conviction if they went forward with charges.

“We have a duty as prosecutors to determine if each case has a reasonable likelihood of conviction,” Meggs said. “After reviewing the facts in this case, we do not feel that we can reach those burdens.”

They say her ability to recall details from the night in question was a problem.

At another point in the documents, it states that the woman hit her head and had trouble remembering things.

In his affidavit, one of the witnesses, Ronald Darby, states that “the female did not appear intoxicated.” In his statement, witness Chris Casher, a DE on the Seminoles football team, stated the accuser “was not intoxicated.” He also says that the accuser gave him her phone number and virtually invited herself to their apartment.

“She was not slurring or stumbling,” Casher said in his statement.

The accuser’s blood alcohol level was .040 the night of the encounter. There was no evidence of any drugs having been in her system.

Jamal Roberts DNA also reportedly found on Jameis Winston accuser’s clothing

Jameis WinstonFlorida state attorney Willie Meggs announced on Thursday that no charges will be filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston after an investigation into a sexual assault accusation. Among the findings included in the investigation was information about the accuser having DNA from more than one man on her clothing the night of the sexual encounter.

As we know, Winston’s DNA was found on the accuser’s underwear. Winston’s attorney said his client had consensual sex with the 19-year-old woman. In addition to Winston’s DNA, Meggs revealed that a second man’s DNA was also found on the accuser’s shorts. Meggs said there were “several” people in the room at the time the sexual encounter occurred. Two of those people were FSU players Chris Casher and Ronald Darby, who claim they watched the accuser willingly perform oral sex on Winston.

According to the official documents from the case, a swab revealed that the second DNA donor was a man named Jamal Roberts. Some media outlets are reporting that Roberts is a collegiate football player at another school. LBS has been unable to confirm these reports.

Meggs said in his press conference that the DNA from the third party belonged to the accuser’s boyfriend, though he noted that the boyfriend refused to speak with investigators. Meggs also said that the accuser acknowledged having sex with her boyfriend.

Based on the findings from the investigation, it seems certain that there was a third party involved at some point. The timeline of events is a bit more unclear.