JaVale McGee gave $100 to a homeless man (Video)


JaVale McGee is one of the most entertaining players in the NBA. We usually say that because he is either making our jaws drop with an incredible block or making our stomachs hurt from laughing so hard at one of his blunders. On Thursday, McGee did something awesome off the court.

The Denver Nuggets center decided to whip out a $100 bill and execute a random act of charity, slipping it under a homeless person’s blanket while they were sleeping. McGee posted a Vine video of kind gesture:

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Andrew Bogut dunks on JaVale McGee, stares him down (Video)

Andrew Bogut dunkYou didn’t know that Andrew Bogut was this much of a tough guy, did you? Bogut got busy during Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets on Sunday. The Warriors big man threw down two awesome dunks in the first quarter. Above, you can see his monster dunk on JaVale McGee. As if jamming on McGee wasn’t enough, he stared down the Denver center. Keep in mind that JaVale is one of the best defensive centers in the league, too.

Earlier in the quarter, Bogut followed a Harrison Barnes miss by jamming on Kenneth Faried:

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JaVale McGee and his mother reportedly land a reality TV show

JaVale-McGee-NuggetsDenver Nuggets center JaVale McGee is one of the most entertaining players in the NBA for a number of reasons. For starters, he is a freak athlete. McGee makes some incredible plays that over 90% of the players in professional basketball could never dream of making. He also commits some embarrassing blunders that 100% of the players in the league hope they never replicate.

Many would say that McGee’s playing career and life would make a great television show, and it would appear that Oprah Winfrey (or those who call the shots for her television network) agrees. According to The Hollywood Reporter, McGee and his outspoken mother Pamela, who is a former basketball player herself, are set to star in a reality show called “Millionaire Mama’s Boy.” The show will air on Oprah’s TV network OWN.

As CSNWashington.com pointed out, Pamela has made headlines in the past for defending her son against some of the harsh criticism he received while playing for the Washington Wizards. Charles Barkley referred to McGee as a “knucklehead” at the time, saying that anyone whose mom has to convince people they aren’t a knucklehead probably is one.

McGee has made less mistakes with the Nuggets this year than in years past, but that does not mean he has been able to hide from criticism — some of which has come from his own coach. If JaVale’s and Pamela’s lives outside of basketball in any way mirror the way JaVale acts on the court, they should make for some pretty entertaining television.

JaVale McGee blocks shot by grabbing ball out of midair (Video)

JaVale-McGee-blockThere is no player in the NBA we enjoy making fun of more than JaVale McGee, which can sometimes lead to people forgetting how much of a freak athlete he is. McGee is probably one of the most physically gifted players in the NBA. He gave us a reminder of that when he blocked a shot by grabbing the ball out of midair during the Denver Nuggets’ win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday night.

Any problems McGee has on the court are generally between his ears. For every incredible block he treats us to there is another moment where he becomes a lock for SportsCenter’s “Not Top 10″ with a play like this. If the Nuggets could get some consistency out of JaVale, he could easily be one of the most productive centers in the league. That just may be too tall a task.

JaVale McGee is not a fan of ‘Shaqtin a Coon’

JaVale McGeeJaVale McGee does not seem to be a fan of “Shaqtin’ a Fool.”

The Denver Nuggets center was interviewed on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” following his team’s 107-92 win over the Los Angeles Clippers Thursday. He did not seem to enjoy the hosts’ multiple references to his recurring appearances on “Shaqtin’ a Fool.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with “Shaqtin’ a Fool,” it’s a regular bit that is done each week on “Inside the NBA.” Shaq leads a countdown of the five screwiest moments in the NBA over the past week (you can watch it here) while he and the crew make fun of the plays.

McGee, whose goofball reputation precedes him, seems to make the segment every week because of his mind-numbing errors. Shaq’s constant mocking of the Denver center led to an awkward interview Thursday.

Asked by Ernie Johnson about his relationship with Shaq, McGee answered “[Shaq]‘s more like a bully, I guess, that likes me, I guess.”

When Shaq praised McGee while reminding him he would end up on “Shaqtin’ a Fool” every time he screws up, McGee accepted it.

“No press is bad press,” said McGee.

But McGee did want to make one thing clear: “I don’t watch Shaqtin’ a coon,” he told the crew with a smile on his face.

Coon is a derogatory term used to describe black people, and McGee’s mention of the word led Johnson to say the interview had taken an unexpected turn.

McGee also seized his opportunity to zing Shaq, closing his interview by telling the Big Fella he’s “old as dirt.”

It’s pretty based on that interview that McGee doesn’t think much of the segment that has become a tribute to his idiotic plays on the court.

JaVale McGee throws an alley-oop to himself (Video)

JaVale-McGee-self-alley-oopDenver Nuggets center JaVale McGee is one of the most athletic big men in the league. He simply has trouble remaining focused. On Tuesday, Denver coach George Karl ripped McGee and called him lazy. Maybe the message got through, even for just a brief second.

As you can see, McGee threw a pretty alley-oop to himself off the glass in the third quarter of a win over the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night. For those of you who are thinking about the similar stunt he pulled last season with the Washington Wizards that got him benched, this was a bit of a different situation. Unlike that dunk, McGee used the self alley-oop against Houston to shake a couple of defenders. When he was benched, he was all alone on a fast break.

For every beautiful dunk McGee has, he usually responds with a handful of bone-headed mistakes like this pass. Since he had a solid game on Wednesday (14 points on 6 of 7 shooting), perhaps Karl’s best bet would be to rest him for a couple games to recharge his batteries.

George Karl on JaVale McGee: ‘Lazy and crazy isn’t going to make it work’

JaVale-McGee-NuggetsWashington Wizards fans can tell you that watching JaVale McGee on a nightly basis can be incredibly frustrating. The 25-year-old center has amazing potential, but he makes far too many bone-headed mistakes like this that cost his team. Now, he is a Denver Nugget. And from the sound of it, George Karl is already frustrated with his big man.

“He’s got to understand that lazy and crazy isn’t going to make it work,” Karl told the Denver Post. “We want solid and we want fundamental, and we want spectacular but only when it happens, not forcing the action where sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t.”

McGee is a lot of things, but solid and fundamental aren’t two of them. Denver signed him to a generous four-year, $44 million deal last year and at the moment he is coming off the bench. As highlight-reel blocks like this remind us, McGee is one of the most athletic seven-footers in the NBA. There’s a reason Hakeem Olajuwon said JaVale should be dominating the NBA.

But, he’s not. Instead, McGee rotates between SportsCenter’s “Top 10″ and “Not Top 10.” He’s averaging around 10 points per game this season, which is consistent with where he has been for most of his career. McGee could be considered a major underachiever given his skill level, or he could just not have the intangibles a player needs to dominate the NBA as a big man and a post presence. The more games that go by, the more likely it is that the latter is true.