Jimmy Johnson: Jerry Jones comes across as a rich A-hole

Jerry-Jones-Jimmy-JohnsonThere is no love lost between Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones. The two were teammates at Arkansas, where the won a national championship together in 1964, before rekindling their winning ways with back-to-back Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl championships in 1992 and 1993. It was all downhill from there.

As Jones reminded us in a lengthy feature that was written by ESPN’s Don Van Natta Jr., his relationship with Johnson soured 20 years ago. Despite Johnson’s success with the team, Jones said he has no plans of inducting him into the Cowboys Ring of Honor.

“Disloyalty … I couldn’t handle the disloyalty,” Jones told Van Natta Jr. “Whether it was right or not, by every measurement you can go, I had paid so many times a higher price to get to be there than he had paid, it was unbelievable.

“There was just an undermining that went on. It’s subtle. It’s smart. I lost my tolerance of having an associate, a friend, not be loyal. I’ve been told, ‘That’s trite. You should be bigger than that.’ I mean, really, am I so dumb that I don’t know you don’t fire a coach after y’all just won two straight Super Bowls?”

Johnson remembers it quite differently. The legendary coach says Jones brought him in with an understanding that Jerruh would handle the business side of things and Jimmy would handle football. When rumblings of the Cowboys being a dynasty started, Jones wanted more credit.

“When I went to the Cowboys, Jerry told me he’d handle the marketing and money and I’d handle the football and we’d make history,” Johnson said in a statement included in the feature. “That changed after the first Super Bowl. I appreciate the opportunity he gave me and I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish.”

After reading all the things Jones said about him in the piece, Johnson sounded a bit less appreciative.

“(The feature was) about like I expected,” Johnson told Bob West of the Port Arthur News in an email. “Jerry comes across like a rich a–hole.”

Both men are getting old. Johnson and Jones are 71. Give the success they enjoyed together, you would think one or both of them might express a willingness to bury the hatchet now that they have entered the twilight years of life. Jerruh’s recent comments make it seem like there is little to no chance of that ever happening.

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Jimmy Johnson bought himself a private jet


Jimmy Johnson will be riding in style from now on, unless he is just your average Twitter prankster. The current FOX Sports analyst and former NFL head coach recently bought himself a private jet.

“Made new purchase…” he wrote on Twitter along with the photo you see above. “No more TSA check-ins for me!”

The two-time Super Bowl champion coach has made plenty of money throughout his career, and CelebrityNetWorth.com estimates that Johnson is worth around $14 million. That number is probably on the low side if he can afford a private jet, which I can’t imagine cost less than $10 million.

Johnson has also appeared in a number of advertisements for hair products like Denorex and male enhancement pills like Extenze. He’s obviously still got plenty of money rolling in at age 70.

Jimmy Johnson: Robert Griffin III is NFL MVP

Robert Griffin III was so impressive during the first half of Thursday’s Thanksgiving game against the Dallas Cowboys that FOX NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson called him the most valuable player in the NFL.

RG3 and the Washington Redskins lit up the Cowboys with 28 points in the second quarter to go up 28-3. The offense scored on four straight drives, including a touchdown pass from Griffin with 10 seconds left in the half.

“As a coach, you look at the offense, you look at the defense, you look at special teams. The one thing you don’t account for is the most valuable player in the entire National Football League,” Johnson said.

“Robert Griffin III, he’s got the poise, he’s got the accuracy, [he can fit throws] into a window. I think he’s the most valuable player in the National Football League. He is that good. As a rookie, it’s amazing. … I haven’t seen anything like this.”

Michael Strahan was equally impressed by Griffin, and even said something that could upset some of his former Giants teammates.

“The rookie wall … all rookies hit it. This guy is playing like he’s been in the league a long time. The problem is he can hurt you in the pocket, he can hurt you with the run. I must say, watching this first half, he is my new favorite player to watch in the NFL.”

Griffin was 11/14 for 208 yards and three touchdown passes at halftime. It was impossible not to be impressed with the way he was playing. But is he the most valuable player in the NFL the way Johnson stated? I wouldn’t go that far.

RG3 is playing like one of the top quarterbacks in the league, but guys like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning are still having excellent seasons as well. Rodgers is my MVP, but RG3 is playing well enough to be in the conversation.

And spare me about the “Redskins are 4-6″ talk; does Griffin play for their 25th-ranked defense that is allowing 25.4 points per game? Didn’t think so.

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Terry Bradshaw: Reggie Bush ‘bucket of chicken’ joke was intended for Jimmy Johnson

Terry Bradshaw expressed remorse for a joke he made on Sunday while reading a halftime highlight of Reggie Bush scoring a touchdown.

Bradshaw was describing a highlight of the Dolphins running back scoring against the Colts when he said to co-host Jimmy Johnson, “look at this Jimmy, like he was chasing that bucket of chicken that the wind was blowing the other day.”

“Oh boy,” host Curt Menefee groaned in response.

“I’m glad you said it to Jimmy and not me,” Strahan playfully said to Bradshaw. “We’re going to ship [Bradshaw] out of here.”

“I’m dying, I’m playing hurt,” said Bradshaw, who complained earlier in the day that he wasn’t feeling well.

The “bucket of chicken” joke was noted and criticized by many websites Sunday and Monday. Bradshaw told USA Today Sports’ Michael Hiestand that his joke was intended for Jimmy Johnson, not Reggie Bush, and he offered the following apology.

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Jimmy Johnson: Cam Newton ‘better worry’ about his job

Cam Newton may have been the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year last season, but at least one person believes the second-year quarterback may need to start worrying about his job security.

FOX NFL Sunday analyst Jimmy Johnson thinks that the Carolina Panthers’ decision to fire general manager Marty Hurney during the week could put Newton’s job status in jeopardy.

“With a new general manager, this team will be gutted and rebuilt over the next couple of years,” Johnson said during FOX NFL Sunday. “Cam Newton better worry about his own job because they are going to turn this roster over. It was the wrong move to re-sign both their running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart.”

It’s hard to believe that after all the success Newton enjoyed last season that he would be in danger of losing his job, but Johnson thinks that is the case.

The Panthers are 1-6 through seven games this year, just like last season. Newton is posting similar stats to last year:

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Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw Question Jason Garrett as Cowboys Coach

No team in the NFL has underachieved more than the Cowboys over the last few seasons. They look like a legitimate playoff contender before each season begins. With weapons like Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant, the Dallas passing attack should be one of the best in the league. For whatever reason, they haven’t been able to put it together. Before the Cowboys improved to 4-4 with a win over the Seahawks on Sunday, Fox analysts Jimmy Johnson and Terry Bradshaw questioned head coach Jason Garrett’s ability to lead the team.

“He needs to become a head coach,” Johnson said according to the Dallas Morning News. “It may be time to think — not for this year but for next year — hire an offensive coordinator to call the plays and be the head coach.”

This is the same Johnson who called Mike Singletary nothing more than a motivational speaker for the 49ers, so he might be onto something once again.  Bradshaw questioned whether or not the Cowboys players respect Garrett enough for the team to be effective.

“He is not my kind of guy to be a head coach,” Bradshaw explained. “That’s not the kind of coach I want. I know he’s smart…a lot of guys are smart out there but I like a guy who gets in people’s face, a guy like Jimmy, a guy like Chuck Noll.”

The truth is it’s too early to tell whether or not Garrett is the right man for the job.  He certainly helped turn an abysmal Cowboys season around last year, and he only has eight games under his belt in his first full season as head coach. There are bound to be plenty of people who share T.O.’s opinion of Garrett, but Dallas fans should at least give him a chance to lead this team to the playoffs before writing him off as head coach.

Jimmy Johnson: Player Personnel, Not Coaching the Problem for Arizona Cardinals

LBS recently caught up with Super Bowl and National Championship winning coach Jimmy Johnson who’s running the first annual Crown Royal Jimmy Bowl (enter here for your chance to play football at Cowboys Stadium after the Super Bowl and be coached by Jimmy Johnson!). Jimmy already told us he thinks coaching is an issue for the 49ers, but what about their Monday night counterpart? Johnson thinks the players are the problem with the Cardinals, not the coaches.

The Cardinals reached the Super Bowl under coach Ken Whisenhunt and have won the NFC West twice. Jimmy attributed Arizona’s 3-7 start to the loss of key players over the off-season, including Kurt Warner, Karlos Dansby, Antrel Rolle, and Anquan Boldin. He said the coaching is the same, but they’ve lost a lot of good players.

While losing Dansby and Rolle have hurt the defense tremendously, the biggest dropoff for the Cardinals has been at the quarterback position. Arizona has gone from starting potential Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner to using Derek Anderson and Max Hall in games. Under Whisenhunt with Warner at QB, the Cardinals have had the 7th, 3rd, and 11th most productive offense in football. This year they’re the 28th, only better than three teams. I agree with Jimmy — it’s the players that has resulted in the losing in Arizona, not the coaches.