John Wall added a massive owl tattoo to his torso

John Wall owl tattoo

Someone call Washington Post columnist Jason Reid and tell him to get his laptop out, because John Wall got another tattoo.

Wall caused a controversy this summer when it was revealed that he got a bunch of tattoos on his chest despite previously saying he was remaining ink-free to keep his image clean. The addition of tattoos to his body led Reid to question whether Wall was mentally mature enough for the Washington Wizards to invest in him with a longterm contract (they did).

After starting with some big tattoos on his chest, Wall expanded on his ink throughout the summer. He got a “great wall” on his back, and now he added an owl to his right side. You can see the wall below:

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John Wall cries during press conference when discussing his family (Video)

John-Wall-criesThe Washington Wizards held a press conference on Thursday to officially announce John Wall’s five-year, $80 million contract extension with the team. Wall, who lost his father at age 9 and is very close with his mother, aunts and sisters, became overwhelmed at one point during the media session and broke down crying.

He later explained that he was overcome with emotion when he spotted his mother sitting in the audience with tears streaming down her face.

“It was like a breathtaking moment, seeing my mom and seeing everything she worked for,” Wall told Michael Lee of the Washington Post. “I mean, I do this because I love the game of basketball and I love playing it, but you also do it for her, as a single parent and what she had to do to raise us and I feel I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity, especially, to take care of her for the rest of her life and do other things in the community.”

That’s a different look from him dancing like cousin Terio. Wall also pledged $1 million to Washington charities after the team announce his max extension. Whether you feel that he has done enough in his first three years in the NBA to warrant an $80 million extension or not, his emotion seemed genuine. I’m sure it was hard for Wall’s family to imagine themselves in this type of situation.

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John Wall dances like Cousin Terio (Video)

John Wall showed off his best Cousin Terio impression in an awesome video he posted on Instagram over the weekend.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Cousin Terio is an overweight little kid who achieved Internet fame after hilarious Vine videos of him dancing went viral. You can see a compilation of the videos below:

Wall is one of the best dancers in the NBA, as he showed us in the amazing Dougie dance intro. The Washington Wizards guard did his best to contribute to the Cousin Terio fad by sharing this video on Instagram:

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John Wall takes high road in response to tattoo criticism

John Wall chest tattoo

John Wall was criticized by a Washington Post columnist last month for his decision to get multiple tattoos on his chest and back. Columnist Jason Reid pointed out that Wall previously kept his body ink-free for image purposes, and wondered whether the additions of the tattoos indicated a change in Wall’s mentality. Reid ultimately questioned whether the Washington Wizards should give a big contract extension to someone who doesn’t seem sure of himself.

[Photos: John Wall’s chest tattoo revealed]

Though Reid wonders if Wall is having identity problems, the point guard certainly seemed to have a level head when Larry Brown Sports interviewed him last week. Wall took the high road when asked about The Post’s criticism of his tattoos.

“[I have] no response at all,” Wall told Larry Brown Sports at the Bear Trap Entertainment All-Star Celebrity Kickoff Party at the Playboy Mansion last week. “That’s their decision. They can talk about that. I have no response at all.”

When pressed further about the issue, Wall refused to consider himself a victim.

“[The tattoo criticism] has nothing to do with me at all,” Wall told LBS. “That’s up to them to put what they want to put.”

Wall seemed to be pleased with the Wizards’ draft. The team selected Otto Porter No. 3 overall and Glen Rice Jr. in the second round, and Wall is eager to begin playing with them.

“I think it was great,” Wall said of the team’s draft. “We drafted Otto Porter, I think he’s a very young talented player. We’re just waiting to see the season start.”

Porter and Rice are currently playing for the Wizards’ summer league team in Las Vegas. Training camp will begin in a few months.

Writer Jason Reid questions John Wall for getting tattoos

John Wall chest tattoo

Washington Post sports writer Jason Reid wrote a column critical of John Wall on Monday for the Washington Wizards point guard’s decision to get several tattoos — and share photos of them on social media — when he previously billed himself as a player with a clean-cut image.

Welcome to the Colin Kaepernick debate, part II.

Last month, we posted photos that showed Wall’s new chest tattoos. The former No. 1 overall pick recently got the tattoos and had them strategically placed on his body so that they are not visible when he is wearing his basketball jersey. Wall’s tattoo artist even noted that Wall is following the strategy of Kevin Durant by getting “business tattoos.”

[Photos: See John Wall's new tattoos]

Reid does not argue against the merits of tattoos. Instead, he says Wall’s change in attitude towards tattoos raises questions about the 22-year-old’s mindset.

Reid writes:

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John Wall’s chest tattoo revealed

John Wall chest tattoo

John Wall was long considered to be in the same category of top NBA players like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade who don’t have visible tattoos. Despite being tattoo-less early in his career, Durant shocked the world when his array of chest tattoos were revealed two years ago. He has gone all-out since then and has not been shy about sharing the new tattoos he gets. Wall, for the most part, has been thought to be ink-free. That is apparently not the case.

The Washington Wizards point guard was partying in Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend with the likes of Lil Wayne, Diddy, Christina Milian, and Meek Mill (pictures below).

Wizards beat reporter Michael Lee noted that Wall’s “business tattoo” on his chest was revealed in one of the photos.

In an article posted by The New York Times the day Wall was drafted No. 1 overall by the Wizards, his lack of tattoos was noted.

As Wall completed a workout in Los Angeles, reporters noticed that he had no tattoos. Wall said he wanted one as a teenager, but Pulley told him no when he asked to have a portrait of his late father, John Carroll Wall, inked on his chest.

“When you’re 16, you still need your parent’s permission,” Wall said. “I could have went to a little rickety-dink shop outside and got it, but nah. I’m still going to have the same memory in my head, whether I have it on my chest or my body or not. It’s still going to be in my head.”

Wall didn’t get a portrait of his father tattooed on his chest, but he got a star and some writing. See if you can tell exactly what it is in the photo below:

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John Wall throws out first pitch at Nationals game, does much better (Video)

John-Wall-first-pitchJohn Wall has been waiting nearly two years for this. During the Washington Nationals 2011 season, Wall threw out one of the worst ceremonial first pitches you will ever see. It was so embarrassing that it almost looked like he messed it up on purpose, but he didn’t. On Thursday night, the Washington Wizards star was given a chance for redemption.

He cashed in. Wall’s mechanics still may have looked like the guy’s in that hilarious Volkswagen commercial, but at least he reached the plate this time. As former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson learned earlier this week with this pathetic toss, reaching the plate is crucial. I wonder if Wall had to convince the Nationals he could really do it this time before they let him come back. Once would have been enough for me.