Larry Fitzgerald: Tyrann Mathieu has been a model teammate

Tyrann-Mathieu-CardinalsArizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu was surrounded by character questions heading into the 2013 NFL Draft. Once considered the most feared defensive back in college football, Mathieu was kicked off the LSU football team before the 2012 season for failing multiple drug tests. Based on some recent comments from Larry Fitzgerald, it sounds like the artist formerly known as the Honey Badger has straightened out his act.

“I absolutely love the kid,” Fitzgerald told PFT Live on Tuesday. “I love him. I mean he works his tail off every single day in practice, he comes to work, he studies plays so hard. He’s a tremendous kid in our locker room too. I mean he’s on time, he’s punctual, taking notes in meetings, just everything that you would expect out of a player of his caliber. Him and Patrick Peterson together it’s just really exciting. I’m so happy he’s on our team.”

The Cardinals got Mathieu in the third round of April’s draft in part because of his size but mostly because of his history of drug use. He made an immediate impact in a loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday by saving a touchdown with one of the best hustle plays you will see all season.

Mathieu offered to submit to weekly drug tests after the Cardinals selected him and was so overcome with emotion that he began crying. He also spent some time in a drug rehab facility after his dismissal at LSU, so it’s quite possible Mathieu has left the immaturity in the past. If so, he could wind up being one of the biggest steals of the draft.

Oh nothing, just Larry Fitzgerald ice climbing in Slovenia (Picture)

Larry Fitzgerald ice climbing

Larry Fitzgerald fancies himself a man of the world. The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver loves to travel and try new experiences. He’s constantly tweeting about the trips he’s taking during the offseason and sharing pictures from his travels.

On Sunday, he shared this awesome picture of himself ice climbing while apparently on vacation in Slovenia.

Fitz is loaded up with his snow outfit, he’s got his ice picks, and he’s scaling that mountain like it ain’t no thang. You thought trying to catch passes from those Cardinals quarterbacks was tough? That’s nothing compared to ice climbing.

Does anyone make better use of the offseason than Fitz? This looks like it would be a lot of fun.

Here are a few more photos of Fitzgerald ice climbing courtesy of Anze Cokl from Freeapproved.com:

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Larry Fitzgerald’s father blasts the Cardinals for quitting

Like many other fans, players and people associated with the Arizona Cardinals organization, Larry Fitzgerald Sr. has seen enough. Arizona’s 58-0 loss at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday was one of the most embarrassing in team history. I’m not sure anything would have helped the Cardinals with the way their defense played, but their offense was unable to put a point on the board en route to a ninth-straight loss.

As we mentioned before, Larry Fitzgerald is an amazing talent lost in a sea of incompetency. The star wideout has six catches for 67 yards and no scores in his last four games — that’s right, four games. The team’s most recent struggles inspired Fitzy’s old man to take them to task.

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Vince Young tweets Larry Fitzgerald to campaign for job with Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals lost to the Seattle Seahawks so badly on Sunday that even Vince Young thinks he could help the team.

The unemployed former NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year tweeted at Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald toward the end of Arizona’s Week 14 58-0 blowout loss to ask him to put in the good word with his coaches.

There are multiple aspects of this tweet that are just plain sad. First, it wasn’t that long ago when Young was helping the Tennessee Titans win games as a starting quarterback, so it’s still hard to believe that the former Texas legend is unemployed while guys like John Skelton and Ryan Lindley are. Second, does it get much lower than a once-great athlete begging for a job over Twitter? Third, the Cardinals are so pathetic right now — they turned the ball over eight times in the 58-0 loss and have lost nine in a row — that Young probably would be better than what they have.

Shockingly, I actually agree with him.

Fitz also has just six catches for 37 yards in the last four games. He probably would agree with Young too.

Larry Fitzgerald on Cardinals offense: ‘I have to laugh to keep from crying’

Larry Fitzgerald could be the best wide receiver in the NFL, but he’s lost in the Arizona Cardinals offense. The Cardinals have not had consistent play at quarterback since Kurt Warner retired, and the fact that Fitzgerald has been able to produce in the meantime is amazing in itself. He has averaged 54 yards per game this season, despite a constant carousel of below-average quarterbacks under center.

Following the Cardinals’ 7-6 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday — their eighth in a row — Fitzgerald tried to explain the emotions that go along with playing for a team that ranks dead last in the NFL in total offense.

“I have no words,” Fitzgerald said according to the Arizona Republic. “I have to laugh to keep from crying.”

Rookie quarterback Ryan Lindley certainly hasn’t been the answer for Arizona, but it’s not like the team is missing much with John Skelton and Kevin Kolb watching from the sidelines. The Cardinals’ defense has played well for much of the season, but the offense is simply incapable of putting points on the board.

Fitzgerald signed a contract last year that could pay him up to $120 million and will keep him in Arizona until 2018, so it’s tough to feel too badly for him. That being said, the Cardinals have to find a solution at quarterback if they don’t want the money they spent on Fitzy to go to waste. The former Pitt Panther is not one to complain (his brother takes care of that), but there’s only so much a player of his caliber can take with no pieces around him.

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Larry Fitzgerald shaves Kevin Love’s head to support breast cancer (Video)

Kevin Love shaved his head in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month this week and had Larry Fitzgerald do the buzzing. As you can see from the video above that SI Hot Clicks passed along, Love and Fitzgerald teamed up to show their support for patients who have had to endure chemotherapy. It would have been nice to see Fitzy lose the dreads, but we’ll have to settle for a bald Love.

In addition to turning himself into a cue ball, Love and Fitzgerald will be donating 25 cents to breast cancer charities for every retweet or Facebook like the video gets. If you’d like to participate, you can retweet it using this link or share the video above on your Facebook page or Twitter.

The bald look doesn’t work too badly for Kevin, but if he brought back the killer mustache he had in the Spring he could really complete the image.

Bill Belichick: Larry Fitzgerald might end up being the best receiver of all time

One of Bill Belichick’s favorite hobbies is praising his opponent during the week leading up to a game. Belichick never wants the Patriots to take the opposition too lightly, so he floods the enemy with compliments and fills the newspapers with flattering quotes about them. On Thursday, the subject of his praise was Larry Fitzgerald.

“He’s a great, great receiver, will go down as one of the all-time greats and might end up being the best ever — I don’t know,” Belichick said according to FOXSportsArizona.com. “He has size, quickness, ability to separate and gets open, exceptional hands. He’s good short, deep, with the ball in his hands after the catch; strong, very smart, sets up his routes well.”

From a talent standpoint, Fitzgerald is arguably the best receiver in the NFL and could be the greatest of all time. The issue in Arizona is the quarterback situation. It is one that has been fluid for the past several seasons, yet Fitzgerald still manages to catch 80-100 balls a season for well over 1,000 yards. Imagine what he could do with a consistent quarterback?

Kevin Kolb will get the start on Sunday in New England. He replaced the injured John Skelton last week against the Seahawks and led what turned out to be the game-winning drive. The Patriots have an improved defense, but the Titans proved you can still throw on them. If Kolb wants to lock down his position and prove that the Cardinals knew what they were doing in acquiring him, Sunday will be a good time to do that. Fitzgerald certainly makes his job that much easier.