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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll fully supports Greg Schiano’s approach to kneel-down play

A number of mixed opinions have surfaced since Greg Schiano ordered the Bucs to play hard until the final whistle against the Giants last Sunday. Tom Coughlin was the most upset about it and Justin Tuck didn’t seem too far behind. Jerry Jones thinks the kneel-down play should be¬†eliminated¬†altogether and we here at LBS don’t…Read More

Pete Carroll’s Testosterone Rush Cost Seahawks Field Goal Before Halftime

Just because NFL coaches are professionals and get paid to make million dollar decisions doesn’t mean they’re immune to machismo at times. After his team’s loss to the Bengals Sunday, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll admitted he was overcome with a surge of testosterone and cost his team three points before halftime. Seattle was down…Read More

Pete Carroll Makes LeBron James Seahawks Jersey (Picture)

There’s been a bunch of kooky talk this week about LeBron James playing professional football. It all seemed to be in jest, and a reference to the NBA lockout. He’s also not the first basketball player to talk about flirting with the NFL; Ron Artest and Nate Robinson have too. Pete Carroll, being a master…Read More

Pete Carroll Wants You to Coordinate the Seahawks’ Offense

Pete Carroll is up to the same tricks that made him immensely popular as a college coach at USC. Earlier this week he invited Thunder guard Nate Robinson to Seahawks camp for a football tryout. Then we learned that his team has a DJ spinning music during practice. Now we’re finding out that he wants…Read More

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