Mark Sanchez did not mean that Eagles fans are nicer than Jets fans

Mark-Sanchez-A-Justin-Bieber-FanMark Sanchez has zero chance of starting for the Philadelphia Eagles this season if Nick Foles stays healthy, but that doesn’t mean the former USC star is flying under the radar. On Monday, Sanchez made headlines for a comment he made about the fans in Philly.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post tweeted that Sanchez said the fans in Philly are “a lot nicer.” The way Hubbuch presented it made it seem like Sanchez was taking a shot at Jets fans.

However, Sanchez later explained that Hubbuch presented his quote in the wrong context. Marky Mark was not happy about it.

“My comments today about Philly fans being ‘nicer’ was a reference to their reaction to me now vs. the last time I played here as a Jet in 2011,” Sanchez wrote on Twitter. “It had absolutely nothing to do with NY fans. I have nothing but good things to say about my time in NY and I’ve always said the fans are tremendous.

“It’s unfortunate that 1 reporter out of the 10 I spoke with today chose to take these comments out of context. Everyone else knew what I was talking about.”

Assuming Sanchez is telling the truth, that was pretty irresponsible of Hubbuch. The fact that he put “BOOM” in his tweet proves he was trying to create a stir. Then again, Jets fans did boo Sanchez during training camp and some of them cheered when he got injured. No one would blame him for liking Philly fans better — at least so far.

Chip Kelly RSVP’s no to fans’ wedding because of the NFL Draft and all

Chip Kelly EaglesInviting your favorite player or coach to your wedding has become such a popular fad that the recipients of the invitations almost have to respond if they don’t want to look like jerks. People like Peyton Manning and Robert Griffin III have responded to wedding invites with autographs, so we know it’s not impossible. Chip Kelly is the latest to have to respectfully decline.

Some Philadelphia Eagles fans recently sent Kelly a football-themed invitation to their May 10th wedding. The coach had a pretty decent excuse for why he won’t be able to make it.

Kudos to Kelly for responding before the April 12th deadline. The happy couple, Thomas Froschle and Maryanne Goslee, seem to have quite the obsession with the Eagles.

“The tables are all decorated as Eagles players, and we’re also setting up a Chip Kelly table,” Goslee told the Eagles’ official website. “We’re coming out to the Eagles fight song too, so it’s getting pretty intense.”

I’d be shocked if “Silver Linings Playbook” isn’t their favorite movie.

H/T Eye on Football

Marcus Vick can’t wait to bash Eagles fans

Marcus VickNow that Michael Vick has signed with the New York Jets, it is probably safe to assume it’s only a matter of time before Jets fans are annoyed with his brother Marcus Vick. Marcus loves creating awkwardness for Mike by bashing the veteran quarterback’s coaches and teammates. He seemed to particularly enjoy ripping on Philadelphia Eagles fans, and he’s not going to stop doing that.

After Mike signed with the Jets on Friday, Marcus took to Twitter to assure Eagles fans that he will be intensifying his trash talking efforts now that his brother no longer plays for Philly.

No one will really care, but wait until Rex Ryan decides to start Geno Smith over Mike. I’m sure Marcus already has plenty of insults he is waiting to unload on Rex. Don’t be surprised if Mike ends up apologizing on his brother’s behalf at some point during his Jets career.

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Philadelphia billboard tells Jerry Jones to ‘start booking tee times’


Whether they are willing to admit it or not, the Philadelphia Eagles have to be feeling very confident about their chances to beat the Cowboys in Dallas now that it appears Tony Romo is doubtful to play. Chip Kelly would never let his players say it, but local radio stations are not under any type of gag order.

On Thursday, 97.5 The Fanatic shared a photo of a billboard the station has paid for in Philadelphia that taunts Jerry Jones.

“Hey Jerry, start booking tee times!” the sign along the freeway reads.

The Eagles have looked good as of late, but they aren’t exactly the Seattle Seahawks. Kyle Orton has started plenty of games in the National Football League, and the Cowboys will be playing front of 100,000 rowdy fans who can smell the playoffs. Romo or no Romo, there’s no need for Jones to break out the golf clubs just yet. Maybe Orton won’t throw an interception that costs the Cowboys a shot at the postseason. I know — low blow.

H/T Eye on Football

Philadelphia Eagles fans egged Washington Redskins’ bus


The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins will play an extremely important divisional game at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday. Like all of the teams in the NFC East, the Eagles and ‘Skins are rivals. And what do rival fans do to opposing players? Egg their bus, I guess.

“Our bus got egged on the way to the game only in Philly lol #gameday,” Washington nose tackle Chris Baker wrote on Instagram along with the photo you see above.

That’s certainly not nice, but it’s not the first time Eagles fans have fired something at an NFC East rival’s bus. At this point it just comes with the territory.

H/T Ian Rapoport

DeSean Jackson calls out Philadelphia Eagles fans for booing

desean-jacksonThe Philadelphia Eagles have yet to win a game at home this season. Despite their 0-4 record at Lincoln Financial Field, Philly is somehow tied for first place in an NFC East division that has been a major disappointment thus far. With a big home game upcoming against the Washington Redskins, DeSean Jackson is hoping Eagles fans can provide positive energy instead of booing.

Or, should we say, the star wide receiver would like the fans to at least wait a full quarter before breaking out the boos.

“[We need] everybody in the stands really encouraging instead of the opposite,” Jackson said Tuesday, via CSNPhilly.com’s Reuben Frank. “Trying to get that energy to be on our side. I feel like it’s against us sometimes. Going into the game sometimes, when you’re three minutes into a game when you hear boos and things like that, that’s kind of crazy to hear.”

Eagles fans have had to witness two-straight losing seasons and have not seen their team win a playoff game since 2008. Given some of the things we have seen Philadelphia fans do in the past, Jackson should be thankful the fans haven’t thrown anything at the team yet.

“We already have to beat our opponent,” Jackson added. “Now we’re trying to fight our fans. That energy to help us go out there and help us [get an] interception, delay of game penalty, whatever it is, we need them on our side, not against us.

“For myself, I understand it, being here six years. I could understand where the frustration comes from and why the fans are the way they are. But to the younger guys, I don’t think they really understand the ins and outs of why it is we’re getting booed and the frustration and where it’s coming from. I’ll take the booing. Let them boo me. But don’t boo the younger guys.”

Jackson is having a career year with 903 yards receiving and seven touchdowns, so the fans have no reason to boo him. With Nick Foles playing lights out and the Redskins’ defense looking horrendous on a weekly basis, the Eagles should give their fans plenty to cheer about this weekend.

“Can’t blame anybody but ourselves for losing a game,” Jackson said. “As long as we have that energy to help us go out there and win, that’s all we need.”

If Philly’s offense continues to click, they should be able to muster up some positive energy from the stands on Sunday.

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Fan has a Philadelphia Eagles ‘Mrs. Tebow’ Tim Tebow jersey

Tim Tebow PatriotsTim Tebow does not play for the Philadelphia Eagles. He never has and he probably never will, but you know how fans can be. Or should I say, you know how Tebowmaniacs can be.

Tebowmania has quieted down a bit since his failed season with the New York Jets, but his dedicated fans remain as enthusiastic as ever. We have seen customized jerseys with Tebow’s number on them and the name “Jesus” on the back, but at least the jersey was from a team Tebow actually played for. The same can’t be said of this Eagles fan:

That’s one way to show your allegiance to Tebow and the Eagles, albeit one that makes absolutely no sense. Hey, I guess it’s original.