Dozens of Jacksonville Jaguars fans show up to Tim Tebow rally


Jacksonville Jaguars fans are willing to try anything to turn their misfortunes around. The team was 2-14 last season and looks like it could somehow be even worse in 2013. Positions of need include quarterback, among many others. And many Jags fans are wondering why that quarterback can’t be free agent Tim Tebow.

Despite a number of reports over the past year that the Jaguars have been close to signing Tebow or were aggressively trying to acquire him in a trade, the team has denied ever having interest. On Monday afternoon, dozens of fans showed up in an attempt to force the front office’s hand. Here’s another photo of the angry mob:

Did I say dozens? I meant a few. Well, maybe more than a few. A bushel? Can we use the word “bushel” to describe people? It seems appropriate in this situation.

I think it’s safe to say that letter from Chuck Norris is the best chance Jags fans have of seeing Tebow as their signal-caller.

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Tim Tebow works on throwing mechanics at USC (Video)

Tim-Tebow-throwing-motionTim Tebow has not given up on his goal of once again playing quarterback in the NFL. Earlier this week, the former New England Patriots quarterback worked out at the USC campus. We showed you a photo he took with some USC women’s lacrosse players on Monday. Prior to that, the 26-year-old worked on his throwing mechanics.

A video clip that iFolloSports.com shared with us shows Tebow consulting someone who appears to be a throwing coach. It looked like the former Heisman Trophy winner was working on shortening his throwing motion, which is something he has focused on in the past when working with trainers.

After he was released by the Patriots a couple weeks ago, Tebow tweeted that he will remain in “relentless pursuit” of his dream of being an NFL quarterback. He’s keeping to his word, but the more weeks that pass the more likely it is that his NFL career is over.

Tim Tebow trained at USC, took picture with women’s lacrosse team


Tim Tebow is currently unemployed, but that does not mean he is sitting around doing nothing while he waits for the phone to ring. On Monday, Tebow worked out at USC and took a moment to pose for a picture with the women’s lacrosse team.

“Training with Tim Tebow in the building, not a bad Monday!” the team’s Twitter account posted.

Tebow was offered a contract from an Arena Football League team owned by legendary rock band Kiss earlier this week. However, he remains focused on achieving his goal of playing in the NFL again. Speculation has run rampant that the Jacksonville Jaguars could come calling in the wake of Blaine Gabbert’s horrendous performance against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen no matter how badly Chuck Norris wants it.

All Tebow can do is continue to break a sweat and hope a team either needs a quarterback who can’t throw or wants to sell tickets.

Tim Tebow reportedly turned down inquiry to switch positions

Tim Tebow JetsTim Tebow likely needs to switch positions if he wants to continue playing in the NFL, but he may not be ready to make that concession.

SI’s Peter King reported on “2013 NFL Kickoff” on NBC Thursday that Tebow received an inquiry from an undisclosed team about switching positions, but the former Heisman Trophy winner turned it down.

Tebow was cut by the New York Jets in the offseason after having a disappointing season with them last year. He received very little playing time and was buried in their quarterback depth chart.

Tebow went unsigned for a good part of the offseason, but the New England Patriots signed him and brought him to camp. They cut him following their final preseason game and decided to only keep two quarterbacks on the roster — Tom Brady and backup Ryan Mallett.

Most people think Tebow will have to switch positions to tight end or H-back if he wants to continue his NFL career. I actually think he could remain a free agent and still end up playing this season once quarterbacks begin getting injured. That’s probably what he’s banking on, and why he remains focused on continuing as a QB.

“I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback,” Tebow wrote on Twitter upon being released by the Patriots. It looks like his desires have not changed.

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New England Patriots release Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow PatriotsThe New England Patriots have released Tim Tebow. The news was first reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Saturday morning.

Throughout the offseason, there have been various reports and speculation about whether Tebow would make the Patriots’ 53-man roster. For the most part, beat writers seemed to agree that Tebow’s chances of making the final roster were slim. Those chances likely lessened during preseason play.

Tebow was not impressive in his three performances for New England during the preseason. He completed a miserable 36.7 percent of his passes and threw two touchdowns and two interceptions. He was also sacked seven times and looked completely lost during certain situations. In the third preseason game, which is typically when starters and roster locks get the most playing time, Tebow did not play at all.

Now, you have to wonder if Tebow’s NFL career is over. He hung around in free agency for quite a while before the Patriots signed him, so it’s not like there were teams lining up for his services a few months ago. Some team could bring him on board as a backup quarterback to boost ticket sales, but the odds of Tebow ever starting again in the NFL are very low.

Fan has a Philadelphia Eagles ‘Mrs. Tebow’ Tim Tebow jersey

Tim Tebow PatriotsTim Tebow does not play for the Philadelphia Eagles. He never has and he probably never will, but you know how fans can be. Or should I say, you know how Tebowmaniacs can be.

Tebowmania has quieted down a bit since his failed season with the New York Jets, but his dedicated fans remain as enthusiastic as ever. We have seen customized jerseys with Tebow’s number on them and the name “Jesus” on the back, but at least the jersey was from a team Tebow actually played for. The same can’t be said of this Eagles fan:

That’s one way to show your allegiance to Tebow and the Eagles, albeit one that makes absolutely no sense. Hey, I guess it’s original.

Matt Every has Tim Tebow Patriots logo on his golf bag


Matt Every is one of the more inexperienced golfers competing in the PGA Championship at Oak Hill this week, but the 29-year-old is hanging in there above the cut line. You know what has allowed him to do that? The spiritual presence of Tim Tebow.

As The Big Lead pointed out, Every attended the University of Florida from 2003-2006. His last year as a Gator was when Tebow was a freshman, so it’s possible that is where the connection lies. In any event, Every is the only golfer at the PGA Championship with a New England Patriots logo on his bag and Tebow’s name and No. 5 stitched below it.

Tebow may not be a lock to make the Patriots’ roster out of training camp, but that doesn’t mean Tebowmania has become extinct. I haven’t seen Tom Brady’s name stitched on any golf bags at major tournaments this season.