Brewers GM Doug Melvin hospitalized after scorpion sting

Doug-Melvin-BrewersGeneral managers beware. What started out as an offseason filled with bizarre injuries to players has turned into an assault on some of the MLB’s front office guys. Milwaukee Brewers general manager Doug Melvin spent several hours in a local hospital in Arizona on Wednesday night after he was stung by a scorpion in at his condo.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Melvin said he reached down to pick up what he thought was a harmless bug with a tissue when he was stung on the middle finger of his left hand. He had actually grabbed an Arizona bark scorpion, and Melvin immediately began feeling some numbness in his arm. After Googling scorpion stings, he decided he had better take a trip to the emergency room.

“I spent three hours in an emergency room in Scottsdale,” Melvin explained on Thursday morning. “My arm is still totally numb. It stung me right through the Kleenex. My arm started swelling and then the numbness started going up my arm, like when you hit your funny bone. I was wondering if it might go all the way up my arm and go to my heart. I got nervous when it got up to my shoulder, so I went to the emergency room.

“They gave me (pain medication) and just watched me for a couple of hours. They said your vision can go blurry from that. It was more an education on it but my arm is still numb. First off, they tell you it’s not fatal. But you can have an allergic reaction to it and need an anti-venom injection.”

Talk about some scary stuff. Melvin’s scorpion sting came just days after New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman suffered this gruesome injury while skydiving, so for whatever reason the injury bug has decided to start biting (pun intended) general managers. We’ve featured a ton of weird injuries over the years here at LBS, but they typically involve players. This has to be the first time two GMs have fallen victim in the same week.

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Rory McIlroy withdraws from Honda Classic with ‘severe wisdom tooth pain’

Rory-McIlroy-US-OpenRory McIlroy may only be 23 years old, but the kid from Northern Ireland is already on top of the world. He recently signed a deal with Nike that is worth more than $200 million and is widely considered to be the best golfer on the planet. However, 23-year-old golfers have some problems that veterans like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson likely do not have to deal with.

After getting off to a 7-over par start through nine holes of his round at the Honda Classic on Friday, McIlroy walked off the course. The reason? His wisdom tooth was bothering him.

“I sincerely apologize,” McIlroy said in a statement. “I have been suffering with a sore wisdom tooth, which is due to come out in the near future. It began bothering me again last night, so I relieved it with Advil. It was very painful again this morning, and I was simply unable to concentrate. It was really bothering me and had begun to affect my playing partners. I came here with every intention of defending my Honda Classic title. Even though my results haven’t revealed it, I really felt like I was rounding a corner. This is one of my favorite tournaments of the year and I regret having to make the decision to withdraw, but it was one I had to make.”

As much as I hate to do this, I feel it’s appropriate: #YoungPeopleProblems.

I had all of my wisdom teeth taken out when I was about 17, so I can relate to how much pain they can cause when they need to be removed. The bizarre part about the whole thing with McIlroy is that he gave reporters a very vague answer when he walked to the parking lot after calling it quits.

“I’m not in a great place mentally,” he said. “I can’t really say much, guys. I’m just in a bad place mentally.”

PGA rules allow a player to leave with an injury, so I’m not sure why McIlroy felt he couldn’t tell reporters his reason for withdrawing at that moment. In any event, Rory’s injury serves as a friendly reminder that weird injuries like the ones on our ever-growing list can even happen outside the baseball diamond.

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Elvis Andrus reportedly sidelined because of ‘sensitivity’ caused by new tattoo

Elvis Andrus tattoo

Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus was scratched from spring training action on Thursday because of “sensitivity” in his left biceps. How did his arm get so irritated? From being tattooed for hours.

Andrus spent nine hours getting a massive portrait of his father, Emilo, who died in 1996, tattooed on his left arm the past few days.

Though the work caused Andrus to miss a game and experience incredible pain, the young shortstop does not regret it.

“It was do it now or never,” Andrus told the Dallas Morning News. “I’m really proud of this. It’s something that’s going to be with me forever.”

Andrus says the tattoo hurt so much that it will be his last. At least he made it count, and at least he had a better reason for his health problem than this guy.

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Gio Gonzalez got a rug burn on his forehead while wrestling with his dog


Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez recently suffered a minor injury that is not going to cause him to miss any time in spring training, so we’ll take it easier on him than we have on some of our other weird injury victims. That being said, the mark on his forehead still comes with a hilarious story.

According to Dan Kolko of MASNSports.com, reporters asked Gonzalez about the strange mark on his forehead after he made his first spring training start on Monday night. He blamed his dog Hollywood.

“She gave me a rug burn,” Gonzalez explained. “I hate her. And then I love her. And then I look in her face and then I love her again.”

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Apparently Gio suffered the burn on his forehead while wrestling with Hollywood, but I’m sure she didn’t mean it. For what it’s worth, he pitched two scoreless innings in his spring training debut. The singe mark on his head clearly didn’t affect his performance, which is all that matters. At a time when other pitchers around the league are suffering some of the most bizarre injuries in history like this and this, Gonzalez should be thankful all his limbs are still intact.

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Angels P Sean Burnett injures back while lifting son into a shopping cart

Sean-Burnett-NationalsThere are athletes who are injury prone, and then there is a more rare group of athletes who are weird injury prone. If you’re a regular LBS reader, you know that the latter are our favorites. Los Angeles Angels pitcher Sean Burnett is one of those people.

Last year, Burnett had to miss about a week of spring training with the Washington Nationals after his back locked up while he was reaching up to put his glove in his locker. His back locked up again this year, and once again it had nothing to do with throwing a baseball. This time, Burnett’s back tightened up when he was putting his 4-year-old son into a shopping cart.

“Both are random things that weren’t baseball-related and didn’t happen on the field,” Burnett explained, via Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times. “Last spring, it went away after a couple of days. This is the exact same thing. It’s early in spring training, so I can be more cautious, but I don’t think I will be out for long.”

Burnett, who underwent an MRI on Monday and saw a back specialist on Tuesday, said his level of concern on a scale of 1 to 10 is a one. He does not expect to be sidelined very long and certainly isn’t anticipating that he’ll miss the start of the regular season.

Hang onto your hats, folks, because we’re heading for a record. I don’t know if baseball players are just more open and honest about their injuries these days or what, but it’s only Feb. 19 and the ridiculous injuries are piling up at an incredible rate. Injury suffered at the hands of a pitching machine? Check. Snow-shoveling incident? Check. Sandwich-related injury? Check. Broken arm after playing with your kids? Check. It’s only just begun.

Casey Kotchman suffers hand injury trying to prevent pop-up machine from falling

Pitching-machineSpring training is an extremely dangerous time for MLB players. Just when you think you may have heard it all when it comes to bizarre injuries, something new comes along. Miami Marlins first baseman Casey Kotchman provided yet another example of that earlier this week.

Being the courteous veteran that he is, Kotchman grabbed a pop-up machine at Marlins practice to keep it from breaking when it was about to fall over. According to The Palm Beach Post, he sliced the ring and middle fingers on his right hand in the process, leading to four stitches.

“(I was) trying to be a gentleman to the machine and try not to throw it down on the ground,” Kotchman explained. “It sounds like my teammates would have been happy if the drill was over and the machine got broke.

“The wheel was kind of cutting my finger. I guess instead of hitting it over I held onto it and kind of picked it up and it just kept slicing. I didn’t even realize it was bleeding at first. When I walked back to first base, ok it is bleeding.”

Kotchman is referring to teammate Greg Dobbs, who needled him about grabbing the machine.

“Why did you grab it?” Dobbs jokingly asked. “What was going through your brain? Dude, if the machine falls and breaks the drill is over.”

I’m guessing professional baseball teams have more than one pitching machine in case something breaks, we are talking about the Miami Marlins so you never know. Kotchman said the injury is probably the most bizarre he has suffered during his nine-year career.

“That’s got to be one of (them),” he said. “It’s probably not every day that you get your hand caught in the pitching machine on a pop fly.”

In an offseason where we have already seen injuries like this, this, and this, nothing is all that strange to us anymore.

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Rays P Joel Peralta injured his neck while getting out of car on a sandwich stop

Joel-Peralta-RaysAnother day, another MLB pitcher sidelined because of a bizarre injury. Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Joel Peralta is the latest victim of what is becoming a recurring theme with spring training now underway. Peralta is going to be sidelined for a short while with a neck injury, and you’ll never guess how he hurt it. Actually, you probably can guess with the way things have been going.

According to Mark Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times (via ESPN’s Jayson Stark), the 36-year-old right-hander tweaked his neck while stopping off to grab a sandwich.

He was still able to get the sandwiches. Roger Mooney of The Tampa Tribune added that it was a Camaro that Peralta was getting out of, so you can understand how climbing out of a low vehicle like that may be a challenge for someone who will be 37 next month.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these guys need a plastic bubble. Pitchers and catchers just reported to camp this week, and we have already had pitchers suffer significant injuries while playing with their children and shoveling out their driveway. Fortunately, Peralta’s injury is not believed to be serious and he is not expected to miss much time. That being said, it is only Feb. 13. There’s no telling what the next two months will bring. Fingers crossed.