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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Compton Can’t Prepare Serena Williams for Racist Heckler

It was a bad night to be Serena Williams in Key Biscane on Monday during her straight set win over Lucie Safarova. Serena had a heckler going so Happy Gilmore on her that she had to complain to the chair umpire about it. Here’s a sampling of what the guy was saying:

“Every time I missed a shot or a serve, he would say, ‘That’s the way to do it,'” she said. “He was calling, ‘Foot fault.’ He was saying, ‘Hit in the net.’ … I mean, who does this? That’s so elementary. You don’t do this on a professional level.”

The heckler even made a racist remark towards Serena,

“The guy said, ‘Hit the net like any Negro would.’ I was shocked,” Williams said. “I couldn’t believe it. I had to do a double take. I think I hit a double fault on that point.”

Amazingly enough, Serena compared the heckling to surviving drive-bys, saying that’s what her father prepared her for growing up. Don’t ask me what drive-bys and serving have to do with each other, but I guess they’re somehow related.

This story begs the questions:

  1. Was she waring something offensive? (revealing)
  2. Where was LaVar?

Yeesh, I’m not a fan of Serena, but that’s pretty harsh. Good thing the dude got kicked out for his behavior. As retribution, I propose that someone buy that man courtside tickets to a Sacramento Kings game.

Hey Artest, you will not make this shot, you jackass!

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