Serena Williams Does Not Lose, Part II

Back in June, when Serena Williams lost in straight sets to Justine Henin in the quarters of the French Open, I quipped that Serena does not get beat. Of course, that was in reference to her post match comments suggesting that although Henin destroyed her handily, it was because of Serena’s own doing, not Henin’s. Well, you guessed it, Serena is at it again. After being eliminated from her third straight grand slam by Henin (I don’t sense a pattern developing at all, do you?), Serena was laconic in responding to reporter’s questions:

Reporter 1: Serena, you’ve said that when you’re playing your best, you can beat anybody in the world. Has this match done anything to change that feeling or do you still feel that way?

Serena: Do you think I played my best?

Reporter 1: No, no.

Serena: OK, well then.

Reporter 2: Serena, are you saying that you lost the match rather than that Justine won it?

Serena: I think that’s usually the case with me, that it’s for me to either win or lose. I really don’t feel like talking about it to be honest — I don’t want to get fined — that’s the only reason I came. I can’t afford to pay the fine since I keep losing.

Well, at least we did get some humor out of her comments. But come on Serena, we all know that competitors don’t like to lose, but please, show some humility. Acknowledge that your opponent, who has eliminated you from three straight grand slam titles, has played well. Would it kill you to do that? Even if you are the best player, sometimes you have to give credit to your opponent for making things uncomfortable on the playing field or even — get this — playing a good game! Who knew? Is it possible that Henin just happens to play well against Serena? I certainly think so. Oh Serena, does it pain you so that you can’t even drop in a compliment once in a while? I know Justine’s got that whole herpes thing going on, but come on, she doesn’t deserve your scorn, and neither do the rest of your opponents.

(Photo Courtesy Darron Cummings/AP)

UPDATE: Our Book of Scrap has the video.

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  • http://svpstyle.com ScottVanPeltStyle.com

    Jay-Z doesn’t like her use of his trademark phrase.

    She shouldn’t mess with Jigga.

  • Steve

    Does it kill you to post the whole interview and not just grab a few lines. You will notice that Serena may have been bitter but she also state Henin played better and that Henin was more aggressive.

    Q. You fought pretty hard to get back into the first set. She played a good tiebreak. Second set, your level seemed to drop.

    SERENA WILLIAMS: No, I just think she played better. I just think she made a lot of lucky shots, and I made a lot of errors. I don’t think my level dropped.

    Q. Isn’t it making errors when your level drops?

    SERENA WILLIAMS: I guess it is in a way, maybe my level did drop. I definitely made a lot of errors. I think she just played a little bit more aggressive and started hitting really, really hard balls.

  • Gene

    You are right, of course, but you missed her best comment:
    “I just think she nade a lot of lucky shots”. Yes, thirty or so of them, which most tennis tennis players call “winners”.

    What a sweetheart!!!

  • SpinMax

    Go back to the catsuit and shup.

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