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Monday, June 25, 2018

Video: Roger Federer Cusses at Chair Umpire After Delayed Challenge

Roger Federer has provided two youtubeable moments in the past two days. First he had an incredible between the legs shot to help him beat Novak Djokovic in the semis. Then on Monday he dropped a few cuss words on the chair umpire during his match against Juan Martin del Potro. When you watch the video, consider that Federer had just won the game giving him the 5-4 edge in the 3rd set, thus putting him in position to win. Anyway, here’s the Roger Federer cussing video:

And this whole time I thought he was Swiss, and now I hear him cussing in English? Wassup with that??!! As I pointed out, he was winning at the time so this wasn’t an indication of him being a poor sport, but he was clearly frustrated with the umpires. Earlier in the second set he got screwed on a review by del Potro where the ball really was wide but got overruled and that helped del Potro turn the tides. Additionally, no player should have as long as del Potro had to finally decide to challenge — that was bogus. Federer was upset and he had the right to be so I don’t have a problem with the foul language here, especially since it wasn’t spoken harshly.

Del Potro played very well and dominated Roger with his blazing forehand. Roger also didn’t help his chances by missing half his first serves and some of his seconds, but man, del Potro looked great. If you want to talk about earning a Grand Slam the hard way, del Potro beat Nadal and Federer back-to-back to win his first major — no easy task. He sure earned it and he’ll probably be back for more.

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