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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Adam Richman cries during first visit to Tottenham Spurs’ home field (Video)

Adam Richman, the star of Travel Channel’s Man v. Food (one of my dad’s favorite TV shows) and Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America, was extremely emotional upon his first trip to White Hart Lane, which is the home of his favorite English Premier League soccer team, Tottenham Hotspur.

Richman is from New York and says he got into soccer during the 1998 World Cup and by playing the FIFA soccer video game. He became a fan of Tottenham after asking his Twitter followers which team he should support. He was impressed with a video of the 100 greatest Tottenham goals someone sent him and was sold after that.

In the video above brought to our attention by Dirty Tackle, Richman gets so emotional during his first visit to White Hart Lane that he actually cries. He understood that the crying looked like a cliche, but he insists it was sincere.

“It sounds very typical, like oh, the guy who’s never been there goes to the team and fakes a bunch of emotion for the camera,” Richman says. “But from the bottom of my heart, I thank everyone from the Spurs for allowing me the opportunity to go to a place that I literally dreamed about playing, dreamed about seeing matches … to just have a moment with a pitch where so much history has been made, and so many magnificent moments have occurred …

“I remember saying when I landed at Heathrow, I said ‘I don’t care if get to see a game here, I just want to touch White Hart Lane.'”

And he got to do that. I understand where Richman is coming from. The Boston Red Sox aren’t my team, but my body definitely started to tingle when I took a tour of Fenway Park last month. Once you go to a place with that kind of history and think about who played on the same ground you’re standing on, or who got dressed in the same locker room you’re looking at, it can really move you. I’m just a little disappointed that Adam didn’t field some questions at the end of his visit like he does at the end of one of his shows.

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