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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mike Francesa irritated with caller who asks him how many pushups he can do (Video)

Mike FrancesaScrewing with Mike Francesa is really becoming one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes. Why? Because everything seems to bother the guy.

If he’s not whining about his work area being messy, then he’s getting irritated with callers who ask him how many pushups he can do.

As posted by Bartstool Sports Boston, a caller (and potential Bartstool prankster) phoned into Francesa’s WFAN radio show this week. Instead of talking about the Super Bowl, the caller took a detour into personal fitness land.

The caller asked Francesa how many pushups he could do. Instead of saying something simple like, “more than Kevin Durant” and just moving on, Francesa complains for 15 seconds about getting “children on the phone.”

A word to the wise, Francesa: this wouldn’t be nearly as fun for callers if you just rolled with the prank.

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