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#pounditTuesday, February 7, 2023

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Jimbo Fisher hires Bobby Petrino for huge role at Texas A&M

Jul 13, 2017; Charlotte, NC, USA; Louisville Cardinals head coach Bobby Petrino speaks to the media during the ACC Kickoff at the Westin Charlotte. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Jimbo Fisher is making a major change at Texas A&M heading into the 2023 season.

Bobby Petrino has been hired as Texas A&M’s new offensive coordinator, Chris Low of ESPN reports. The plan is for Petrino to take over playcalling duties.

Fisher has called offensive plays throughout his five seasons as the head coach at Texas A&M. He also called plays during his time at Florida State, where he won a national championship.

The change is significant, though not exactly a shock. Texas A&M averaged just 22.8 points per game this year, which ranked 102nd in the nation. The Aggies finished 5-7 and there were some rumblings that Fisher might be fired. It is possible he was pressured into hiring a new OC whom he would trust to call plays.

Petrino, 61, served as the head coach at FCS school Missouri State for the past three seasons. He led the team to the FCS playoffs in his first two seasons, but the Bears finished 5-6 this year.

Petrino was the head coach at Louisville from 2014-2018. That was his second stint as head coach of the Cardinals. He was the head coach at Western Kentucky, Arkansas and of the Atlanta Falcons in between his stints at Louisville.

What is particularly interesting about Petrino joining Texas A&M is that he accepted a job as the offensive coordinator at another school less than a month ago. Plans obviously changed for him over the past few weeks.

Fans couldn’t believe Jimbo Fisher’s comments on NIL, transfer portal

Jul 16, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher addresses the media and answers questions during SEC football media day at the College Football Hall of Fame. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Fans couldn’t believe the comments Jimbo Fisher made on Thursday.

Fisher was talking about Texas A&M’s recruitment following Signing Day. He was asked by a reporter whether he ever envisioned college football having a transfer portal and the ability for players to make money through name, image and likeness rules.

Fans couldn’t believe what Fisher said in response.

“I knew eventually pay-for-play, I didn’t know NIL like it eventually came about,” Fisher began. “Like I say, the problem with all of it is there’s no consistency and rules. And then when you get into the portal, there’s so much tampering going on, it’s utterly ridiculous. It’s a joke. It’s an absolute joke and it’s ruining college football.”

Fisher doesn’t disagree with players making money or being able to transfer. He has an issue with the lack of regulation.

“This is not good for college football as far as how it’s done. I’m not saying being able to transfer is not bad. I’m not saying paying players is not bad. But the current rules and status of how it’s done, the way it’s done, is ridiculous. But it is here. Everybody’s got the same issues. Everybody’s got the same problems.”

Fisher also put himself in the category of someone doing things cleanly.

“The ones that keep pushing the rules and breaking ’em will get rewarded. The other ones, you gotta fight, scratch and claw to do things the right way. But you can do it that way and win. Always have,” said Fisher.

The comments are tough to believe considering who’s saying them. Fisher landed the No. 1-ranked recruiting class last year, and many people believed that was due to A&M handing favorable NIL deals to players. That’s certainly what one rival coach thinks.

The Aggies don’t have a massive haul for recruiting in their 2023 class, but they still have a top-15 class. Fisher will need those strong results to improve on the team’s 5-7 season.

Lane Kiffin has great reaction to Jimbo Fisher recruiting comments

Jan 1, 2022; New Orleans, LA, USA; Mississippi Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin reacts during warm ups before the 2022 Sugar Bowl against the Baylor Bears at the Caesars Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin will not miss out on the chance to taunt Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher when it comes to recruiting and NIL matters.

Fisher recently offered comments about recruiting and the transfer portal, calling it an “absolute joke” and decrying “so much tampering” in the portal. These comments struck some as hypocritical, as Fisher has been accused of taking advantage of the exact things he is criticizing.

That seemed to be at the heart of Kiffin’s reaction. The Ole Miss coach retweeted Fisher’s remarks, adding only a facepalm emoji.

Kiffin has previously made it very clear how he feels about Fisher and the Texas A&M program. As he did here, the Ole Miss coach has never hesitated to bring it up as often as he can.

Fisher has previously fought back against claims of rule-breaking in the Texas A&M program, but his rivals are not convinced. No matter what he says, few are going to believe that he is being genuine.

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Lane Kiffin trolls Jimbo Fisher with joker costume barb

Sep 18, 2021; Oxford, Mississippi, USA; Mississippi Rebels head coach Lane Kiffen at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Lane Kiffin is always good for a zinger, and he delivered one on Saturday night.

Kiffin led his Ole Miss Rebels to a 31-28 win at Texas A&M to improve to 8-1, while dropping the Aggies to 3-5. After the game, Kiffin was interviewed by SEC Network reporter Cole Cubelic.

Cubelic’s final question was about what the Ole Miss coaching would be dressing as for Halloween. In response, he zinged Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher.

“I dunno, maybe Jimbo has a Joker outfit for me,” Kiffin joked.

The two coaches had some beef entering the game. Kiffin complained once again about Texas A&M buying recruits, so maybe he feels Fisher regards him as a clown, resulting in the Joker joke.

Kiffin has never been shy about jabbing other coaches. Now that he’s 8-1, he is as bold as ever with the zingers.

Reporter answers whether Texas A&M would fire Jimbo Fisher

Oct 16, 2021; Columbia, Missouri, USA; Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher reacts during the first half against the Missouri Tigers at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Few fanbases are unhappier with their head coach than Texas A&M, but that does not necessarily mean the coach’s job is truly in danger.

A&M lost 31-28 to Ole Miss on Saturday night at College Station, Texas. SEC Network, which was televising the game, during the fourth quarter aired a report from Pete Thamel concerning Fisher’s job status.

Thamel declared that Texas A&M would not be getting rid of Fisher this season. Thamel says that is due to how much money the coach is owed.

“No matter how bad things get for Texas A&M this season, they will not move on from coach Jimbo Fisher,” Thamel declared. “They owe him $86 million in buyout money if they were to fire him. Just to put Fisher’s buyout in perspective, he would be owed $48 million in 2026. So there’s a sincere commitment to make it work between A&M and Jimbo Fisher.”

Rather than fire Fisher, Thamel says the school will likely demand that the coach make several changes.

“That means to expect significant staff changes, significant style changes on offense, and likely playcalling changes in order for the Aggies to get right for their ailing offense,” Thamel said.

There have been calls for weeks for Fisher to give up playcalling duties or to change something. The Aggies entered Saturday averaging just 21.9 points scored per game.

Fisher has proven many times in the past that his offenses produce and that he can win lots of games. But he had good personnel and good quarterbacks in those situations, like Jameis Winston and Kellen Mond.

It’s Fisher’s job as the head coach to ensure he has good personnel, so the lack of success this year is his fault. But there shouldn’t be much of a question of whether or not Fisher can win and deliver when he does have top players. Maybe Aggies fans just need to be patient and wait for the glorified freshman class to get older. The problem is “patient” and “Texas A&M fans” are two things that don’t mix well.

Did Jimbo Fisher try to skip production meeting with SEC Network?

Oct 16, 2021; Columbia, Missouri, USA; Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher reacts during the first half against the Missouri Tigers at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Drama and Texas A&M seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. And thanks in part to head coach Jimbo Fisher, they’re now at the center of it again.

During an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” this past Friday, Tom Hart reported that Fisher “bailed” on his pre-scheduled production meeting with SEC Network.

“I don’t know why he was suddenly unavailable, but that’s the first time. I’ve been doing this for a minute now, Paul. I’m not a spring chicken anymore like I used to be. That’s the first time I ever remember a head coach being unavailable for production meetings a day before the game,” Hart said.

“Whatever drama bubbled to the surface today, it’s probably emblematic of a lot of issues going on over there right now.”

Shortly after Hart reported this news and it began to go viral, Fisher made time to meet with the broadcast team. However, he didn’t do it in person — he did it via Zoom despite being in the same building.

Did Hart jump the gun on his initial report? Is it just a coincidence that Fisher made himself available after realizing the optics of his absence? You be the judge.

Fisher and Texas A&M play host to 15th-ranked Ole Miss on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. ET on SEC Network.

Report: Jimbo Fisher suspends several Texas A&M freshmen

Jul 16, 2018; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher addresses the media and answers questions during SEC football media day at the College Football Hall of Fame. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M’s football season apparently has become even more tumultuous. co-owner Billy Liucci reported on Monday night that several freshmen football players have been suspended indefinitely by Jimbo Fisher. Liucci was unsure of the exact number, but believes it’s three or four players.

This might be the topper in what has been a disappointing season for the Aggies.

Texas A&M lost at home to Appalachian State in their second game of the season. They are currently on a three-game losing streak — all on the road to conference opponents.

The Aggies entered the season amid plenty of hype surrounding their No. 1-ranked recruiting class. They are now 3-4 and falling well below the expectations from their fans, program, boosters and the media.

Whether the suspensions help Fisher regain control of the program or are a sign he’s losing control remains to be seen. The Aggies have upcoming home games against Ole Miss and Florida, so they’re still in the thick of a tough conference road.

Alabama CB says Jimbo Fisher tipped off Texas A&M’s final play

Oct 16, 2021; Columbia, Missouri, USA; Texas A&M Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher reacts during the first half against the Missouri Tigers at Faurot Field at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Alabama beat Texas A&M 24-20 on Saturday night, and the finish was too close for comfort.

The Aggies effectively had a 2-point attempt to win the game, as they had the ball at the Alabama 2-yard line with three seconds left. Haynes King threw an incompletion intended for Evan Stewart that sailed out of bounds, allowing the Crimson Tide to win the game.

Terrion Arnold provided good coverage on Stewart, and he said after the game that Jimbo Fisher tipped off the final play.’s Michael Casagrande wrote a detailed story Saturday night about the final play. Arnold said after the game that he was watching Fisher on the sidelines prior to the final play. The redshirt freshman cornerback said he saw Jimbo’s lips mouth, “Evan, Evan, Evan.”

Here is a look at the final play:

It sure helped Arnold be on his toes once he saw what Fisher said. What helped even more was how late King threw the ball out of Stewart’s break. Once King had such a late release, the play was never going to work, even if the pass was completed.

What’s Johnny Manziel going to say after reading this?

Johnny Manziel furious with Texas A&M after loss to Alabama

Mar 4, 2017; College Station, TX, USA; Former Texas A&M Aggies quarterback and 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel watches a game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Reed Arena. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Alumni day at Texas A&M is going to get a little awkward between Jimbo Fisher and Johnny Manziel.

Manziel was furious with the Aggies after their upset bid at Alabama fell short on Saturday night.

Texas A&M was down 24-20 to Alabama and got the ball at their 29 with under two minutes left. The Aggies drove all the way down to the Bama 3-yard line and had one play with the game on the line and three seconds left.

The Aggies went with a pass play, and Haynes King’s pass towards the end zone didn’t even come close to being completed.

That was painful to watch. The throw was way off the mark, and it was short of the goal line. Even if it was caught by some miracle, it still wouldn’t have gone for a touchdown.

Johnny Football went nuts afterwards and ripped the play call.

Manziel is right. When I saw the play, my first thought was, “what was that?” King isn’t a very good passer, which is why he had been benched in favor of Max Johnson. I thought some sort of trick play, like one of those Philly Special types, would have been perfect. Instead, Fisher put the game in the hands of his backup quarterback, trusting him to make a difficult timing throw. King was way late with his throw, which never had a chance. He needed to get rid of that ball a second earlier.

That just seemed like a very low-percentage play with the upset on the line.

That’s the best play in Fisher’s playbook to beat Alabama?

Jimbo Fisher waited so long for his pregame handshake with Nick Saban

Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban had a public conflict play out through the summer, and their teams had a chance on Saturday to settle things on the field. But before the game, things remained awkward between the men.

CBS showed a video of the two coaches hanging out near midfield before the game. Fisher had been waiting to shake hands with Saban. CBS’ announcers said that the two coaches had their backs to each other for six minutes before someone told Saban that Fisher was waiting to shake hands. After being alerted, Saban turned around and shook Fisher’s hand. The two visited for a bit.

Both coaches tried to downplay their offseason beef in the week leading up to Saturday’s game between the Aggies and Crimson Tide. But there is little doubt things were hot between them.

Saban accused Fisher of buying the No. 1 recruiting class and going against the spirit of NIL rules in the process. Fisher, a former Saban assistant at LSU, hinted that he had some dirt on Saban that the coach wouldn’t want out there.

Last year, Fisher became the first former Saban assistant to beat the master when his Aggies upset the Tide at College Station. The beef between the two men goes all the way back to their roots in West Virginia.