Baseball Players Know how to Haze

My favorite was a while back when the Dodgers took Chan Ho Park’s finest suit and turned it into a tank top and shorts on a road trip. As you could imagine, Chan Ho was none too pleased about that. Here’s Josh Barfield from last year, courtesy 100% Injury Rate:

Also head over there to check their awesome compilation of the best rookie hazing this year in baseball. Believe me, there are some beauties.

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  • SpinMax

    That one is a crassic

  • http://www.myspace.com/alanbshepard gp john

    this is so strong

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  • http://www.discoverfellowship.com Rich Gieson

    In regards to top baseball players, I agree with you that Mariano Rivera does not belong near top 10 but stop and consider Derek Jeter. Several years 200+ hits, over 200 hrs., lifetime fielding .976. He may not be in top 10 but certainly is a top player in our time and will have earned his way into Hall of Fame.
    Don’t let your emotions of liking or disliking certain teams interfere with you expertise.

    Rich Gieson