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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bryce Harper explains what being ‘sexy’ means

Bryce Harper’s second quote to go viral after “Clown question bro,” was his “Be as sexy as you can,” advice to campers at a baseball camp. The quote was certainly humorous enough to gain attention, but what exactly did it mean? Harper explained in a recent interview with NBC Washington’s Dan Hellie.

“I just think when you’re going out and you’re swinging, you don’t want to be as tense, [to] play the game so uptight and things like that,” Harper said, via D.C. Sports Bog. “Just try to be as flawless as you can, try to be as loose as you can. And when you’re loose and flawless, you’re sexy. So there you go.”

I can see where feeling loose can equate to being sexy, but I’m not sure how “flawless” fits in, especially in baseball where players frequently make mistakes. But I don’t think we should bust Bryce’s chops too much for the comment — he seems to be cool about it and maintaining a good attitude despite being in a slump.

You can watch video of his answer below (it’s the last question in the video):

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