The Cubs Will Win the N.L. Central Because of Milton Bradley, Just Ask Him

Even before the addition of Milton Bradley the Cubs were no doubt most people’s (myself included) favorite to win the division. The Brewers were strong last year but they still couldn’t hang with the Cubs AND they lost Ben Sheets, C.C. Sabathia, and Salomon Torres to make matter worse. The Cards are always in the mix as long as they have Pujols, but their pitching (bullpen mostly) still remains semi-suspect in my eyes. Well, if you ask Bradley, the Cubs’ $30 million man, it’s no surprise people are picking them as the favorite:

“They should,” Milton Bradley said. “I’m here.”

“I’m a winner,” he said. “When I went to the Dodgers [in 2004], after they hadn’t been to the postseason since ’88, they went to the postseason. I went to the A’s in 2006. We weren’t supposed to do anything, and we went to the ALCS. I was with San Diego [in '07]. We were one win away from making the postseason, and I got hurt. Everywhere I go, people win. It’s not a surprise.”

Actually Milton, the Dodgers did make it to the postseason before that, they just hadn’t won a playoff game since ’88. But no doubt Milton Bradley has been the common thread on all those playoff teams leading to all their successes. When you get worried this year, Cubs fans, just remember you’re still going to be O.K. and that you’re going to win the division. Milton Bradley says so.

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  • Gene

    Milton Bradley has missed more games with injuries than J.D. Drew, not to mention the suspensions.

    Now we find out that he has suffered a mysterious head injury that has left him with delusions of grandeur.

    Milton, you are a LOSER!!!!!!!

  • Jeff J

    “We were one win away from making the postseason, and I got hurt.”

    Milton neglected to mention he injured HIMSELF in an argument with an umpire. So, HE cost them the NL West.

    I am sure he will cost the Cubs the division.

    Just like Gene said, he is a LOSER!!!!

  • JS

    Just wait until some idiot sitting in the the right field bleachers or along the wall on the right field foul line, who has been drinking since the bars in Wrigleyville early in the morning, yells a racial slur at Milton.

    Trade Mark DeRosa and sign Milton Bradley…who would have ever thunk it that the smartest professional sports orgainization in Chicago would be the Blackhawks?