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Thursday, June 21, 2018

David Price Says Arbitration Money Can Help Him Buy a Wing in Derek Jeter’s Mansion

Arbitration time can be an exciting time of the year for some players and a frustrating one for others. For guys like David Ortiz who have been looking for a long-term extension but keep agreeing on a one-year salary, it’s tedious. For a young player like David Price who is just now starting to make his millions, it’s fun. Price just reached a one-year deal with the Rays for $4.35 million. According to the Tampa Bay Times, he has at least one idea of what he could spend the money on.

“I just kind of stayed out of it,” Price explained. “I have the all the faith in the world in my agent, Bo McKinnis. He took care of me and got me what I felt like I deserve. I might ask Jeter if I can buy a wing in his house for a little while.”

Jeter, of course, has a monstrous mansion in Tampa.  He happens to have a few more bucks than Price in his bank account, but Price could be on his way to out-earning him if he stays healthy and keeps pitching the way he has the last couple seasons. Not only that, but his car would probably be safe from getting peed on at Jeter’s house.

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