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Monday, June 25, 2018

Donald Trump takes shot at A-Rod on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (Video)

Donald Trump couldn’t resist taking a shot at Alex Rodriguez during his “Celebrity Apprentice” show Sunday.

The Donald was praising ’80s singer Debbie Gibson for saying she didn’t care who got the credit on her team when he invoked a Yankees reference.

“That’s all about winning,” he said in response to Gibson’s team-first attitude. “That’s cool. That’s a Derek Jeter-type statement, right? We love Derek. That’s not an A-Rod statement — that’s a Derek statement.”

A-Rod was asked about Donald’s swipe and wouldn’t respond, saying he’s only talking about baseball issues.

Trump also took a shot at the Yankees third baseman after A-Rod made the final out in the ALDS loss to the Tigers, calling him “a less than average baseball player now that he is unable to use drugs,” so clearly he has it out for the former MVP. Though boring, it’s probably wise that A-Rod didn’t respond.

You can watch Donald’s jab at the 4:25 mark in the video below:

You can see the full episode on NBC’s player (the A-Rod clip at the 58:40 mark):

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