Evan Longoria confirms he is dating Jaime Edmondson

The photo you see above — which was shared by Jaime Edmondson herself — and a series of tweets have recently sparked speculation that a certain Rays third baseman and a certain Playboy model may be dating. Evan Longoria has ended any speculation by confirming that he is one lucky dude.

“Yes, we are dating,” Longoria said according to the Tampa Bay Times. “It’s been a secret for long enough; it’s not really been a secret,  but nobody has asked about it. We are dating.”

“I don’t even think of her like that,” he said when someone reminded him that he’s now dating Playboy’s Miss January 2010 and a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader. “She’s actually more informed on sports. She did a fantasy football blog the whole year, and she does a show on Sirius satellite radio. So it’s pretty cool to be able to talk to somebody on that level outside of the whole modeling thing.”

Jaime does seem to know sports. Or, I should say, she is constantly connected with sports by doing things like recreating the Super Bowl’s best moments in a fun-to-look-at photo shoot and frequently being featured in Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks.

From the sound of it, Longoria found himself a nice catch. We had a hunch he was looking for love when he lobbed a couple of compliments toward Alex Morgan on Twitter back in November, so we’re happy for him. And a little jealous.


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  • Anonymous

    Kiss that $$$$$$$ good-by Ava…..oooops I mean Evan.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GISSOCTU4IQ7G3WP4ITA55HW7Y nosoma

    Cool for them both. She obviously has a decent life of her own so not just a hot gold digger.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3EIK6427HPWZ5WA74SJBM3VHQM ______

    ohhh another jock dating a slut.

  • Anonymous

    wait till they get married and have kids and she takes him to the cleaners for child support Suckas

  • Anonymous


  • http://profiles.google.com/stevie.fowler steve fowler

    good luck, bad luck, who knows?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZRAU2545ZT2FXNPVBI57NXBGIQ Kat

    Unlike most centerfolds who have terrible breast implants and pose in the nude just for money , Jaime’s actually smart. Her tweets and articles actually make sense. Evan is one lucky dog!

  • Anonymous

    She is announced toward a Media for dating with her Boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    Eva is decide to take a Dating with her Jamie .

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck and bad Luck .

  • Anonymous

    He is now confirm the dating with his own girl friend.