Fan wrestles bat away from guy with neck brace (GIF)

What’s worse than two grown men wrestling over a souvenir at a baseball game? One grown man wrestling a souvenir away from another grown man who is wearing a neck brace. The latter happened during Saturday night’s game between the Los Angeles Angels and Chicago White Sox.

With the Angels trailing 5-0 in the eighth inning of a game they would later come back to win, Adam Dunn lost the grip on his bat and it went flying into the stands. Two men got their hands on it, one of who was wearing a neck brace. Guess who won the ensuing battle?


No, it wasn’t the guy who could only turn his head about 25 degrees or so.

Last month, we saw a fan practically choke another fan out while wrestling for a bat that had gone flying into the stands. Situations like this get more pathetic every time we see them.

GIF via The Score

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  • Tim Davis

    Thats just sad, a grown little bitch man, moves over 3 seats to take the bat from handicap (somewhat) guys lap.

  • Mike

    Just as bad, the people around him found it amusing.

  • Jonathan

    Too bad you didn’t know these dude are friends and came together !

  • http://www.YouTube.com Mick Lethal

    I bet they’re not friends anymore.

  • Tom Cooke

    The virus from LA has moved to Chicago…