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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Is Scott Boras Losing Power?

First we had A-Rod go back to the Yankees sans Boras to negotiate his contract, per Yankee demand. True, it’s the largest deal in baseball history, but it had to be somewhat of a blow to Boras’ ego to be left out of the room, even if he did get the last laugh and wound up negotiating it. But getting fired by Kenny Rogers could not possibly have been on ol’ Scotty’s wish list for the Holidays.

This sure isn’t the first time an agent has ever been fired, but it’s a sign that Boras’ realm of power is somewhat smaller. There are teams out there that flat-out refuse to negotiate with Boras and players he represents. Boras banks on the idea that there is still always one team that will cave to his demands (the Yankees were the most recent), but maybe players are learning that it’s not always in their best interest to be represented by Boras. Rogers could be case in point.

If Boras takes the attitude that it’s his job to get his players the most amount of money possible — in turn resulting in the most money for himself — then is he always servicing his players’ best interest? Perhaps not. And rather than make an extra million or two on the free agent market, maybe Rogers just wants to be in Detroit where he’s happy. Money isn’t always everything — but it seems like it is to Boras, yet not to Rogers.

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