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Monday, May 21, 2018

John Gibbons’ Grandma Predicted Future

Pretty much anytime you hear of a manager throwing literal punches at one of his players, you know he doesn’t have a very good grip on things. I’m actually surprised Gibbons lasted this long. The Blue Jays have a good team, though their lineup has underachieved. There have been criticisms of Gibbons that he didn’t use his excellent bullpen enough. My retort is that when you have starters as good as Toronto’s are, you probably wouldn’t use your pen too much, either. Anyway, my favorite part of this news, aside from Cito Gaston being brought back, is that Gibbons’ grandmother was all over this news two months ago:

For manager John Gibbons, one nice thing about the Toronto Blue Jays’ current road trip was the opportunity to visit his 96-year-old grandmother, who lives a few miles north of the city, in Beverly, Mass. But there hasn’t been much else nice happening for Gibbons lately. Heck, even his grandmother knows that. Upon seeing him, her first question was, “Are you going to be fired?”

That was in April. Now, finally, almost two months later, he’s finally been “relieved of his duties.” What the heck is up with that expression anyway? Relieved from his duties? What, was it a burden? Was he taking a leak while working? What does relief have to do with it? How bout this one: he was FIRED because he was underachieving. I like that a lot more. And now Cito Gaston’s back, which makes everything worth it.

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