Justin Verlander on dating girlfriend Kate Upton: I’m in a great spot

Justin Verlander Kate Upton

Though Justin Verlander has been making public appearances with Kate Upton, which shows us it’s pretty obvious that they are once again dating, he is still reluctant to talk about her in interviews.

During an interview with ESPN’s Karl Ravech on Tuesday, Verlander was asked about his supermodel girlfriend and tried to avoid the subject.

“I’ve always been pretty private about my private life,” Verlander said when asked about Upton.

Ravech pressed him though by noting the two have been out in public together and that it’s hard to keep things private.

“It is hard to be private,” Verlander agreed, “especially with her. But I’m in a great spot and just looking to get ready for the season.”

So there you have the confirmation. It’s hard to be private being with a supermodel girlfriend like Kate Upton, but at least he’s in a “great spot.” Those are things only people dating an SI cover model say.

Good for him. We hope being with Kate will produce good results for him this season.

And by LBS law, here is video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy dance:

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  • Steve

    He’s just another notch in her bedpost. Wonder who she will be “dating” in a couple of months

  • rayder409

    They’ve been dating off and on for over two years now…. he’s not just a one-night stand… by all appearances…

  • Stephen Dalena

    Hope it’s the G-spot.

  • 4D2D

    As a Tiger’s fan I am more happy Upton is on the team. Jea buddy

  • cowbulls

    If I were “dating” Kate, I’d have billboards and airplane banners made to tell the world.

  • Steve

    On and off is the key. When they’ve been off, she’s been with many other athletes. Look into how many athletes she’s been with. And she’s what, 21? She gets around. She will be burnt out at 30. Literally.

  • disqus_N3292TPQCr

    Ten year age difference, he’s robbing the cradle.

  • Chad Ammidown

    If he was robbing the cradle then he’d be 10.

  • david99696

    Certainly must be stretched out by now from some of the bruthers.

  • david99696

    too many men have been there already. No longer a big deal.

  • luiszerp

    Herbert Samuels, professor at LaGuardia Community College in New York writes that this stereotype is likely linked to the opinions of 16th century West Africa that described black men and women as bestial, animalistic and hypersexual. This description also included the black man as a “sexual superman” with a penis larger than the white man and increased potency.

    In the present day, Samuels describes, African-American men may perpetuate their own stereotype, since it is a rare time when a stereotype about them is not drastically negative. In some ways, it has become a sense of the black male identity.

    Conclusion: Perhaps among African men, there is a slight difference in size, but among African-American men, this stereotype is likely fiction and rooted more in racist, historical rhetoric.

  • Guest

    She has sloppy tits.

  • Enricopallazzo

    She’s like a Rolls Royce. You don’t really care how many have driven her.

  • unclesamonmars

    Says the tiny penis loser.

  • unclesamonmars

    I guess if we counted all the times you slapped the snot out of junior looking at her pictures, then she’s been around.

  • suesunswim

    I am continually amazed at the lengths that beautiful women will go to advertise what they have in today’s society. I am older now, but I was once a beautiful woman, and I would never have advertised my assets, nor did I ever have to (as a matter of fact I felt uncomfortable about all the attention I always got), the way women do today. And yes, I could have made money off myself, but I chose to use my brains.

  • david99696

    Is 3.5 inches tiny? LOL
    “tiny penis loser”!!!!

  • david99696

    Your’re funny. hahahahaha. oink oink!!!

  • Robert177

    If I were dating Kate Upton, I’d likely insist on an*l on the first date, just so I could ensure it would get done at least once. With someone like her, it’d be hard to get a second date.

  • BuckDat

    I wouldn’t mind being a notch on her bed post, at least I know he couldn’t have beat it up with that baby-dick

  • BuckDat

    So basically your saying you weren’t in Kate Upton’s league