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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Manny Ramirez Headed to Play Winter Ball

Where does a man shunned by MLB turn these days? Where can one go to continue his baseball playing career? What is the last resort before hitting rock-Canseco-bottom? To the land where steroids and HGH flow freely, my friends — the Dominican Winter League!

We told you back in April when Manny Ramirez announced his abrupt retirement from MLB that he was planning to play winter ball. Apparently that’s still the case.

Hardball Talk passes along reports saying Manny is set to report to his winter ball team Aguilas Cibaenas on Monday. If I were them, I wouldn’t expect everything to go as planned. Manny certainly strikes me as the Allen Iverson-type who is likely to miss his flight and show up a few days late. As long as he can still hit — and if he’s on the juice I’m sure he can — they will likely overlook a delay.

Let’s just hope he has all his fertility issues worked out — wouldn’t want him going into labor during the season.

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