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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Manny Ramirez Wears Swimming Cap in the Pool, Looks like a Horizontal Conehead

Manny Ramirez misses baseball and has begun a process to try and rehab his image. He filmed a little “All-Access” special with notorious Barry Bonds lackey Pedro Gomez.

Manny let’s us in on his private life and tries to show us how human he is. He takes ESPN through his daily routine and tries to show how hard he’s working to get back into baseball. One of the things he’s been doing is working out in a swimming pool.

Just like any person protective of their ‘do would act, Mannny wears his hair in a swimming cap while he’s in the pool. The result is his dome looking like some cross between Coneheads and Princess Leia. He sure fits in well with those elderly ladies, doesn’t he? I bet they sit around trading estrogen injections after the pool sessions.

But let’s think about this for a second. Manny is the same guy who was so protective of his personal life that he wanted out of Boston because of their intrusive fans and media. And now he’s giving the media an inside look at his personal life? He must be really desperate to return to MLB. Maybe he thinks we’ve forgotten that he unceremoniously retired after being popped as a repeat offender of MLB’s drug policy; we haven’t.

Here’s another look at Princess Leia:

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