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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ozzie Guillen rips Buster Olney in defense

Ozzie Guillen made a triumphant return to Twitter last week after going three and a half months during the baseball season without sending any tweets. Unsurprisingly, it took just 10 days for him to attack a media member.

Guillen ripped into ESPN baseball writer/analyst Buster Olney after the Marlins shut out the Reds 4-0 on Friday night. He apparently was upset with Olney, who wrote a column on Friday morning regarding Guillen’s future, and according to WQAM radio host Jorge Sedano, accused the Marlins of quitting.

The blizzard of Ozz sent the following tweets following what Guillen felt was a statement win:

The first tweet was pretty self-explanatory, but I need my Ozzie-to-English translator for the second one. Either way, Guillen is attacking Olney in self-defense.

The Marlins had just been swept by the Phillies when Olney said they were done, so beating MLB’s second-best team (according to record) with a shutout meant a lot to Ozzie.

Really, the reason he’s getting so boisterous is because he’s fighting for his job.

Guillen and the Marlins have been a total flop this year, and the team even unloaded players at the trade deadline after acknowledging they were out of the race. Between a last-place finish, and Ozzie’s Fidel Castro comments, the team has plenty of reasons to fire their manager after the season.

Ozzie is trying to keep his players working hard so he can hang onto his job. You have to figure that if the Marlins can him, it might be a while before another team takes a chance on him.

UPDATE: Olney had this response on Twitter

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