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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Ozzie Guillen to Marlins: Do not miss the National Anthem before each game

As the new sheriff in town and a guy who is known for not taking any crap, Ozzie Guillen likely has several rules in place for the upcoming season in Miami. However, he already knows which rule is at the top of that list. All of the members of the 2012 Miami Marlins had better be on the top step of the dugout when the National Anthem is performed.

“The National Anthem is 10 minutes before the game starts,” Guillen said according to the Sun Sentinel. “We’re going to start in 10 minutes and you’re late? National Anthem, they’re going to be there…That’s the only (rule) I have. You’re not going to go by that easy one? We’re going to have problems.

“A lot of people have been killed trying to make this country free for us. You should be there for at least two minutes. Respect that, especially if you come from another country. You should be there an hour before. I think it looks good for baseball if you’re in the stands and you look at the team respecting the flag and the National Anthem…Kids can see that, the respect.”

Guillen also pointed out that being on the can is not an excuse for missing the Anthem, either. In other words, you had better anticipate when nature will be calling or there will be consequences. What have we learned over the course of the past week? Ozzie really loves Bed Bath and Beyond and America. I dare you to say you don’t.

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