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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Test Rusty Bumgardner for Roids!

Somehow or another I came across a slow pitch softball game being televised on ESPN Saturday afternoon. The game was between the U.S. and Canada and it was dubbed the “Border War.” No, I didn’t exactly stick around to watch this thing — my attention was fixed more on the Dodgers/Mets game that went extras — but if you have a thirst and hunger for home runs, then this game was right up your alley. Specifically, Rusty Bumgardner is what you need to see.

Watching this team play, Bumgardner stood out amongst everyone on the field. Bumgardner is 6’6″ and 285lbs of pure muscle. The dude is built like a brick wall and he has veins popping out of every part of his body. That guy doesn’t just hit home runs; his balls are crossing interstate lines. After seeing Rusty club softballs off the stadium scoreboard, it’s no surprise to find out that he has a deep athletic background.

The softball behemoth played baseball and football at Wake Forest and was even the first American signing by the Marlins. While his minor league numbers weren’t bad, he’s making even more of a name for himself with his beer league bombing ways. Any surprise his hobbies are sports and working out? Of course not. Rusty is a certifiable beefcake. Beefcake BEEFCAAAAAKE!!!

Here’s some of the best of Rusty Bumgardner in case you wanted to see this guy destroy a slow pitch softball:

Rusty Bumgardner’s profile [USA Softball]

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