San Francisco Giants Tattoos on the Rise After World Series Run

In addition to Tim Lincecum hoping the city was smoking and my facebook news feed being littered with Giants-related updates, there was another consequence of the Giants running through the playoffs and winning the World Series. Many San Francisco fans have been getting the team’s logo tattooed on their body.

San Francisco Examiner says on Monday alone, one given tattoo shop had five people come in to request the ink job and about 20 did in all throughout the postseason. Another shop says there were requests coming in throughout the season but there was a rush during the playoffs too.

You figure that would be something the players would do, but with them changing teams constantly it’s really only the fans who can do it. Players come and go, but fans can love their team for life.

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    Great way to show your team and city loyalty.

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    Let me see someone get a LET TIMMY SMOKE tattoo. Lol