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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tony Campana went airborne on a crazy dive into third base (Video)

Most players dive or slide into a base to slow them down from running full speed. Tony Campana did it to avoid a tag. And boy, was it incredible.

Campana tried going from first to third after a throw on an attempted pickoff play went into right field. The throw beat him to the bag and pulled third baseman Matt Downs off the line, so the quick-thinking Campana followed his instincts and dove over Downs’ glove to make it in safely.

Sadly for the Cubs, Campana’s incredible dive was wasted as the next two batters struck out and the Cubs lost 2-1.

Based on those skills, it’s probably no surprise to learn that Campana has 12 stolen bases on the season and is a frequent pinch runner for the team. But he still has work to do to top the best slide of all time.

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