Umpire Mike DiMuro blows call on Dewayne Wise dropped fly ball (Video)

Umpire Mike DiMuro made one of the worst calls of the MLB season on Tuesday when he ruled that Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise caught a fly ball that he clearly dropped.

Indians third baseman Jack Hannahan was batting in the seventh and sent a ball down the left field line. Wise tracked the ball and fell into the stands trying to make the catch. Though the ball came out of his glove, DiMuro ruled it an out.

Wise wasn’t complaining about the call.

“I’m not going to argue with him,” Wise said, according to Bombers Beat. “It was a tough angle for him. Stuff like that happens. They’re not perfect. He said, ‘Out,’ right away, so what was I supposed to do? Run back to left field? I ran off the field.”

Hannahan actually was ejected in the 8th for telling DiMuro to take a look at the replay. DiMuro eventually did, and admitted he was wrong after the game.

“I went out on the ball and saw the ball into his glove in his stands. He disappeared into the stands and I believed that the ball was in his glove,” he told a pool reporter, per The Star-Ledger.

“Now that I see the tape it’s obvious that the ball fell out of his glove. In hindsight, I should have asked him to show me the ball since he fell into the stands and out of my line of vision.”

I still think Tim Welke’s blown call was worse, but this was pretty darn bad.

Time to finally add instant replay, MLB? I’d say so.

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  • http://twitter.com/ChadMarg Chad Margulius

    What a joke the player gets ejected when he was right the umpire admits he was wrong and nothing happens to him.

  • Geoff Marolda

    How many articles can you write about “the worst call of the MLB season?” Missed calls are going to happen. However, these guys are right far more often than when they are wrong. Many times the instant replay backs them up when it’s a bang-bang play. Baseball is a human game, that is one of the best parts about it. Everything rises and falls on skill, emotion, and a little bit of luck. While every other sport is turning into a real life video game, baseball still embraces the human aspect of the game, including it’s umpires. Most everyone knows that the MLB could benefit from instant replay. In fact, everything in life could benefit from instant replay. But it doesn’t. Got hit last week in your car and the other driver pulled a Lohan and peaced out? Too bad there was no instant replay on that one. Baseball is a game for life and about life. Even though the game has changed since my dad grew up watching the Tigers 50 years ago, it still has the same character and same heartbeat. While other sports are becoming closer to video games, baseball still holds the same emotions it did when you played it as a 12 year old.

    As for being ejected, that’s a tough break. But once again, tell me that would fly in real life if you ran up to your boss and told him he was wrong and to check his numbers in front of a board meeting (i.e. Yankee Stadium). There is a time and a place to do things and you can’t have players going up to umpires like that. He apologized and said he missed the call. He LEARNED from it. I will be getting off my soapbox now.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MD5PYYVLJKY7MVP7LU32QMJECA The C Ticklers

    I do feel like the umpires should be fined or something. You can’t kick them out of the game. But if this guy ever makes this bad a call again, shouldn’t he not be allowed to ump ever again?

    Using your analogy to life, if i mess up really bad at work I’d appreciate a second chance. If I made another, similar aggregious mistake, a firing is warranted. So in my eyes then, this guy doesn’t get another 2nd chance. Hope he did learn.

    Of course, what pisses average Joe off, and your audience, is that this guy says sorry, they tell him don’t do it again, and he continues his job. doesn’t go to the minors. nothing . kind of b.s. because for us normal people, with 1,000,000 people fighting for on job. if they are going to let unskilled people perform the skill of umpiring, for great money, i want in then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mitchell.Stabbe Mitchell Stabbe

    Yes, Umps miss calls.  That’s part of the game.  But there are two additional aspects to what happened here.

    First, the ump did not bother to check the player’s glove.  Doesn’t every fielder who makes a catch like that immediately jump up to show he held on to the ball?  That should have prompted the ump to ask, although he shouldn’t need prompting.

    Second and more egregiously, the ump was so thin-skinned that, after about 5 seconds, he tossed the player who was the victim out of his screw-up out of the game simply for telling him how incredibly wrong he was.  I can’t read lips, but it doesn’t look as though Hannahan said one of the “magic” words that will get you tossed, but even if he did, the ump, knowing he was wrong, should have taken it.

    This ump clearly didn’t show the temperment that is necessary for his profession and that failure is the part of his behavior that should get him fined or suspended.  (I note that, after the game, the ump admitted he was wrong on the call, but didn’t say anything that either defended or apologized for the expulsion.)