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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Earthquake Interrupts Padres Game in SD

It wasn’t anything near the Bay Bridge series 6.9 earthquake that interrupted the A’s/Giants World Series in 1989, but the 5.7 earthquake in San Diego on Tuesday had people rattled. The Blue Jays beat the Padres 6-3 but the game was momentarily delayed in the 8th inning after David Eckstein’s groundout because of the quake. After the brief delay, Chase Headley stepped to the plate and the game continued but the quake didn’t rattle Toronto’s pitchers. For the people from the West Coast the 5.7 earthquake was no big deal. From those unfamiliar with quakes, such as Headley, it was uncomfortable. Check out what the quake was like at Petco Park with this video of the San Diego earthquake during the Padres game:

Sorry to break it to you Dick Enberg, but that was an earthquake, not a funky chicken. Actually, it was an aftershock, not even an earthquake! If you’re from Southern California then shakes like these are commonplace. If you’re not, you’re really not missing out on anything special. Think kiddie roller coaster.

Shaky night for Padres [The San Diego Union-Tribune]
Video Credit: YouTube user Chargers705

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